Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where's the funny?


I don't get how this guy can find the whole thing something which he could make a joke about. Insensitive apathetic idiot much, huh?

And apparently this whole thing is picked up by some page on the interwebs too. Oh boy...

EDIT: well, they apologized (in Bahasa Malaysia by the way) over the issue and all, but still.


  1. Ultraman wouldn't run away from a Tsunami.

    Fuck Newspapers. Fuck that one especially.

  2. Also, I capitalized tsunami. Fuck me too.

  3. What kind of sh1t is this? Berita Harian, you "supposed" to set standards of being one of the major Bahasa Malaysia newspaper publication.

    Eventhough they apologized, their mistake will be in the anal (pun intended) of shaming history.

    Also, what were the cartoonist thinking upon drawing THAT blaspheme of a drawing?

  4. I honestly can't see how someone would be stupid enough to portray a natural disaster like that as a comic situation. Especially not right after it happened. I guess people make mistakes though.

  5. before this was the typo,and never thought they got such heart to pull such "joke" at this hard time. F them. apologize yeah, but people will still remember

    Good Luck Japan, Be Strong

  6. How disrespectful. I've seen some others making fun of it too, and some saying they deserved it because they're Japanese and for what they did at Pearl Harbor and so on. Stupid pricks.

  7. interesting post

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