Sunday, April 3, 2011

One reason why you might want to buy an airline ticket to Japan for this May

OK, make that two.

Applicable to Touhoufags only:

1) Glorious Reitaisai: Just... Reitaisai (I don't think I need to elaborate on this)

2) Flowering Night 2011: Rock out the night with those Touhou songs!

According to the tentative, Reitaisai will be held on May 8, and Flowering Night during the 14th and 15th.

I'm not up to date with all the circles who are releasing their stuff for Reitaisai (although I am of course eager for Ten Desires), but I've gone through the performing circles for FN. And speaking of FN, they make it a two night event this time - to cover up last year's absence, huh?

Out of the list of circles to appear for this event, I'm excited to see that Buta Otome is performing. I haven't heard much of the stuff from the other circles tho (which I plan to do so some time later: e.g. Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets, Sekken-ya), and there's a few names which I haven't come across before.

I'm kinda disappointed that CROW'SCLAW won't be rocking at the stage this year. I was expecting to hear them performing their stuff from Over The Rainbow... or, heck, maybe even something off From The Bottom Of The Heart. After their last performance at FN 2009, and the absence of FN 2010, I'm itching to see them on stage again. Well, it can't be helped...

I'll still be looking forward to these events (even if I don't have the monies to head over the land of the rising sun; and nevermind the fact that my nippon-go skill isn't too good either).

Yeah, this is a bit slow (I know about Reitaisai change of date for a while, but I just found out about this year's Flowering Night)... but, who cares~


  1. The Reitaisai booklet artwork looks nice, looking forward to all the new stuff!

  2. I haven't the money for such things, especially not with the debts I have ;_;

    I'll just have to wait the doujins and get video footage (if any surface online) of Flowering Night.

  3. I'll have to hope that footage of Flowering Night gets uploaded. Although, it will probably be very low quality if it does. At least I can look forward to Reitaisai!

  4. Yet another thing I cannot afford. Hope those who can afford it have fun though!

  5. Someday, somehow I'll be able to fly to Japan on a whim for Touhou conventions. Til then, I'll rely on the generosity of all the uploaders out there!

  6. Way to rub it in!


    I saw they were already selling Flowering Night tickets/programes before I left, so oh well.

    Reisensai is also on the 15th so you could catch the first day of Flowering Night, and head to Osaka for Reisensai afterwards.

    I think you would also be in time to catch some Hanami festivities in early May, plus one or two other misc events...

    Besides other than the demo, as far as releases are concerned Reitaisai might as well already be over. T_T

  7. I will never be able to go to the glorious land of the rising sun. ;_;

  8. Nice reitaisai artworks! Enjoyed your post.

  9. I know I won't be able to travel there, but I hope Flowering Night gets recorded at some good quality.

  10. @Pocky: Awww don't be like that D:

    I wasn't aware of the other events going on at that time. 'tho in the unlikely event that I somehow is in Japan at that time (!) I'd definitely make the most out of the trip.

    Yea, I wonder whatever will happen to all the releases - unless if those circles could produce something new in such short time...

  11. Great post! I hope you keep up this excellent blogging! :)