Thursday, April 14, 2011

Deadline and test is tomorrow, and I'm surfing the 'net~

It's the final week of the semester (before study and exam weeks), so I've been burdened with a lot of tests and assignments, which would hopefully be finished once the weekend arrives.

Apologies for not frequenting blogs much (which would include this one haha). I have this one large quasi-discussion/semi-rant/wholly nonsense post that I have been keeping in the backlog for a while, and I might just put it up once my hands aren't tied (I actually have one small test and an assignment due for tomorrow, so back to the chopping board I go...)

To make this not a simple 'I'm still alive, and I'll be back' post, here's a few things that I did recently:

-I started to marathon through the last 8 album by UI-70. Currently at Splendid World, and I'm enjoying it very much. The circle might produce a lot of non-memorable works, but this is their best so far. Stoner rock/doom metal Touhou arrangements, hell yeah!

UI-70, this changed my opinion about you guys

-I'm re-reading Carl Sagan's Cosmos, one of the very few non-fiction book that I enjoyed. I actually found it rather tedious to read it on the first go (which was about a year ago), but I grew to love it over subsequent readings. RIP Sagan, you'll be missed.

-Finish watching Hourou Musuko, which is perhaps one of the least popular series of Winter. It's not too bad I guess, if you're into slow-paced story about school kids growing up, with the underlying message of gender reversal (or would it be better phrased as 'confusion'?). I didn't feel much after watching the series - maybe because it isn't as bold as I expected it to be? Or maybe it has something to do with the slow pace. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend it to other people, although I'm not in anyway implying that it's bad. It's just not something that everyone would find interesting, I guess.

A most apt screenshot

Anyway, here's random question for you Touhou fans out there:

Which one of these two music do you prefer more?
-Faiths is for the Transient People
-The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field

Also, because I'm feeling random, here's a pic of Nue:

Take it easy everyone - I'll try to do so soon~


  1. >Deadline and test is tomorrow, and I'm surfing the 'net~

    I know that feel, currently in a very similar situation right now. Damn Blogger keeps dragging my attention.

    >I started to marathon through the last 8 album by UI-70

    I've not properly listened to whole albums of theirs, it's a good idea though and I might do so.

  2. (currently preparing to stay up the whole night to finish up a investigation draft which to be submitted tomorrow all thanks to internet and procrastination)

    Suwa foughten field. reason- more epic :D

  3. Best of luck with your assignments and tests, Faults.


    Sheeeit man, brofist. In a perfect world everyone would read and watch Sagan's works. RIP.

    >Also, because I'm feeling random, here's a pic of Nue:

    I don't know who she is, but I LOVE that image for some reason @.@ She's cute.

  4. Demon Haunted World is one of my favorite books. It was simultaneously so depressing and uplifting.

  5. >Splendid World

    I fucking love that album. I want more stoner/doom, and more jazz. A stoner doom jazz fusion would be nice. Or maybe even some original compositions.


    I'm going to add this to my book backlog.

    >Which one of these two music do you prefer more?

    I don't know. Maybe the latter.

  6. I liked Hourou Musuko. I felt like dropping it when Anna became "confused" (being vague to avoid spoilers), but at least everything worked out.

    The Venerable Ancient Battlefield, no contest. This is my favorite arrange of it.

    Nue-chan Raper was great.

  7. School work is always trying to get in the way of things that are more fun. Such a lovely quality.

    >Hourou Musuko

    Not really interested in the subject of the story, so I won't be watching it. I really like the animation style though, so it makes me somewhat sad to see screenshots.

  8. >Deadline and test is tomorrow, and I'm surfing the 'net~

    Takin' it easy.

    I didn't watch Hourou Musuko. The screenshots I saw were pretty enough, but I don't think I have enough interest in gender issues to enjoy a series based on it.

  9. Looks like Suwa Foughten Field won - I'll proceed as planned then...

    @Chiyo: We need more people who could see the same view as Sagan does. You don't see too much scientist like him now, methinks.

    Also, she's a character from Touhou. She doesn't rank too high in my list of Touhou girls, but I just like that picture haha

    @DF: I was meaning to read that, but never actually gotten around to do. Thanks for mentioning it.

    @Cpt: I don't usually listen to classical/orchestral arrangements, but I usually have no complaint about them. This one is quite good; thanks for sharing.

    And I've only checked the doujin after you mentioned about it haha. Good ol' Omchicken and their ecchi - I love it.