Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well this is a surprise...

Apparently the demo for Touhou 13, Ten Desires, can be obtained at this website.

I would've played it straightaway, if it's not for my shitty internet that doesn't allow me to download it at all hurrrr. Anyone have tried their hands on this yet?

EDIT: The demo could be downloaded through a mirror via mediafire.

In the meantime, have some screenshot as posted by a certain Touhou fan that I know from FB. Credit goes to him for these:

Some new faces

And old familar one (surprised??)

And yes, I'm very much taking it easy now~


  1. PHUUU~!! Kogasa~!!! damn i am surprised!
    oh hey, meiling got a friend there, chinese zombie

  2. I don't think it's just your internet connection, those mirrors are being overloaded by tons of download requests.

    Yeah, this is old news!

    It looks a lot more influenced by the style of fairy wars though... Not sure if that's a good thing.

  3. I haven't gotten it yet, I figure I'll wait a day or two if the download server's as crowded as it seems.

    Kogasa's a bit of a surprise - a pleasant surprise though.

  4. Thanks for the screen caps brah.

  5. >surprised??

    Yep, that very much surprised me.

    >And yes, I'm very much taking it easy now~

    That's good~

  6. I gave it a quick run through. It seems a lot easier than UFO so far, which is a good thing.

  7. For some reason I'm excited and already downloading this, however I don't know why because I haven't even played 12 and 12.3 because it's untranslated (right?) and I'm still trying to beat most of the other games, blame my lack of concentration.

  8. Apparently that girl with the tag is a zombie?

  9. @Pocky: The new style doesn't make me go too crazy, but that might change later haha

    I'm kinda surprised they reverted back to the old retry system - I kinda liked the one applied on MoF to UFO

    @Cpt: I guess you'll be looking to 1 CC this one huh? And yeap, the game's relatively easier than the last few ones (especially SA - that one just gives me nightmares...)

    @Claude: Don't worry man, just take it easy (like what I did with the rest of the games haha)

    @WOODLOUSE: Yup. She's a type of creature called Kyonshi, from what I'm told. AKA Chinese vampire

    @ZoiDieCT: I like her too, but I think I prefer Kyouko because... she's cuter?