Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nazrin gets lost! (Part 2)

...and after the 2.7 second staring contest, Nazrin gets ignored, as if she was nothing but a piece of rock


And as for Shou, she had an encounter with the immortal being, Mokou, off a mountain somewhere (close enough)

One would assume that it is Shou that is actually lost now, instead of Nazrin...

"Excuse me, but have you seen my master?"

"He's a klutz who always end up missing things, except that this time I'm the one who... errr, are you listening?"

"Is that so? I see..."

"Hey! Kitty cat! Are you listening to me?!"


"This takes me back when I was young..."
-strum C chord repeatedly-


"Fine, I'm just a little mouse... Who has lost her way... OTL"

-picking some notes-

I have climbed highest mountains
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you, Only to be with you...

But i still have't found what i'm lookin for...

"Right. I should get back to my search then. Err, thanks for the song, Fujiwara-san..."

-back to square one-



"Where were you? I've been looking all over for you... hmm, is that cat food I smell?"
"I was lost just now. I couldn't find my dowsing rod... Yes, it's cat food"

"And you say I'm the klutzy one :P"

"...Say Nazrin. Is it me, or does it suddenly smells fishy here?"
"Oh dear. I hope you're not making one of your (lame) puns again, Master..."

Holy Mack- err, tuna! 


-cue dramatic song as the can slowly descend ala some sort of flying saucer-

"Woohoooo, flying inside a donation box sure beats sitting with my bum sore on this broom, ze~"

"And I managed to get a complimentary snack for the flight too, hehe~"

The Hakurei priestess refuse to take any of this nonsense! 

As does Toramaru - it's Shou time!

Will this turns out to be an interesting outcome? Will there be any guro? Will there be any accident? Or will they walk out of this with nary a scratch and live forever??

Well, this is Gensokyo after all. So who knows!


These series of posts was written in conjunction with someone's birthday~

Happy birthday Ame Koto; hope you have a rockin' good time! :) 

Best of wishes from:
-Collection of nendos (one borrowed, one bootlegged ver)
-2 custome made Touhou rock cylinder figure-sort of
-A figurine
-A guitar
-Some books
-A can of tuna spread (Ayam Brand) 
-Other random items in the room
-A random cat; and lastly,
 -The guy with a lot of time and a lot of random ideas 

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