Sunday, October 14, 2012

I miss You

It was the year 201X. Communication is dead. Humans have finally removed the need for interaction and moved for self-sustain. Humans are now hooked up to portable devices which cut them the need for face to face interaction. Days passed by for the humans, with them living a peaceful life. For without interactions, there is no need for getting hurt. No egos stoked, no hatred arisen - every man's an island.

But somewhat, there arises a faction that felt that this was not how things should be. That there is something missing...

One man, who shall be referred to just as You, belongs to this one group of lonely people. Except that lonely is not the right word. For no one is truly alone. Loneliness indicate the need for others - and You know how humans have no need for each others now. 'Each man's an island', he always repeated... Except that deep inside, he felt that the phrase was something else...

And then one day, it him hit. Literally.

Picking up the object that bloodied his head, was a rock. Still reeling from the pain of the impact, he turned the rock over, and he found the words 'I miss You' scribbled on it.

And then he knows what it means when it hurts to miss someone... Except that he wished this someone wouldn't be so literal. And such a stalker. Now he's scared... but that's a different story.

Elsewhere, hands begins to throw rocks out of the shadows... all with the same words on them...

End of story? Missing someone may brings you heartache, but it's not cool to maim someone with a rock. You can't get close to people without getting hurt. It's the parcel of the whole thing. Embrace it :)

...Yeah I have no idea why I wrote this. Doesn't really make a lot of sense heh.

Dug out from my continous spam of tweets at one late night yo~

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