Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nazrin gets lost! (Part 1)

It was a fine day, and Shou was waiting for her Nazrin...

...Oh, but what's this? Where is actually Nazrin? 

"...I think I'm lost"

As the sky begins to darken, Shou gets slightly worried...

...and thus begins her search for Nazrin!

Will you look at those giants items... 

Just another boring day for the shrine Maiden, with nary a visitor... or any sort of incident

"Ayayaya? It seems we've got a visitor!"
"Hmmm? Who could it be at this hour?"

"It's one of the Myouren's temple folk..."
"Ohhhh? I wonder if there's any sort of incident... or, something else perhaps...?!"

-sudden face swap-

"Have you seen Nazrin? We were supposed to meet somewhere nearby..."

"So much for an incident... I don't have time to babysit a mouse or anything, you know. She's probably lost somewhere"
"Ayayayayaya Reimu, you've been extra lazy recently, you know"

"Eh? Where's that oni who usually lingers around the shrine?"
"Oh, Suika?"

"She said something about going to a hot spring"
"I didn't know there was one nearby..."

-passing through, ze~-

"You'd better RETURN the donation box later, you hear me Marisa?!"
"Aaasugoisugoi" -snap pictures of bloomers-
"...aren't they concerned with the question on HOW she managed to cram the box in her pocket...?"

"I hope I don't end up being thrown away like these..."

Presently, Shou came across one of the Scarlet sisters - tho one wonders just how both could ever meet each other in the first place...

"Ohhhhhhh, so this Nazrin, you're saying that she's lost?"
"Yes, have you seen her anywhere around?"

"Well, I've lost something myself..."

"Do you know what it is?"
"No. What is it that you lost?"

"...have lost my mind"

"Just kid- ehh, she's gone... :< "


A wild cat appears!

What will Nazrin do?

Stay tuned, for Part 2...

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