Saturday, July 9, 2011

This is not a revolution!

Today on the 9th of July, the city will be busy, as the clash of all four colours of Jalur Gemilang will take place - in the streets, houses, blocks, buildings... in the hearts and minds of the people...

And me? I'm siding myself with the white team. That's right, I'm just sitting here in my room, trying to finish the writeup to my project (which is due next week, by the way).

Crappy photoshop work

But I'm not here to talk about the whole issue of the rally, on how unlawful our government is. Rather, this'll be a random MY BLOG post. But, for the sake of those who are interested, I'll put up bits of pictures (and even a video) near the end.

Last week I had a seminar where I presented the progress of my project so far. It went better than I expected - sure I umm and ahh here and now, but overall I didn't messed it up too bad or anything. And the questions were pretty easy too; I was expecting they'll hand over some of those 'oh-no-I-don't-know-what-the-heck-the-answer-is' questions.

Although right in the middle of my presentation, the computer restarted itself and won't let me log in. Not my fault though, as it was the department's PC... In a way, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, for the lecturers overlooked the fact that I exceed a bit of my allocated time for presentation.

But the most crazy thing about it was the fact that I spend the whole day prior to the presentation hanging out with some fellow Touhou fans at that one maid cafe. They were having a Touhou theme week at that time, and I thought I'd just give them a visit, even if I think the price is bloody expensive. It work well, in de-stressing me and all.

Gensokyo roundtable meeting (sorta). Guess where I am in the frame~

And now, getting back to the rally thingie:

To make it short, a group of people who are dissatisfied with the way our election is carried out is planning a peaceful protest in the city today. But when you add a very paranoid and you-can't-topple-us government, ardent pro-government bodies, police officers, and endless tales of denouncement, threatening, and fear mongering (add some religious sentiment in there too), and you can bloody well be sure that it won't be anything but peaceful.

A list of their operatives. #4 and #12-14 is bad news.

Yes, that's a rifle you're seeing there

The men in blues have gathered in my campus for a few days, and I managed to catch a glimpse of them heading out to the city:

It's gonna be one fine day indeed...

But enough with the rally. I am not interested to get hold up and interrogated (or worse) by the men in blue, so I'm just quietly spending my weekend here in my room. Not that I'm the type to go out during the weekend anyway...

So with all the necessary random stuff being talked, it's time for me to work on some of the more significant (whatever that means) posts. There's been a couple of topics that are sitting in the backlog, and I thought I'd put them up online. You know, on the account that I don't have much to do besides writing for my project.

Some of the topics I have in mind include:
-Bass guitar
-Metal music
-Equality of man

Some of these will be lengthy, some of it will be rather short. Any of the topic you'd like me to write sooner than the others?

Welp, this turns out longer than what I planned. Have a good weekend everyone.

It's ok Patchy, I don't like all the noise taking place outside too


  1. Rifles and cops everywhere, sounds scary. Stay out of trouble - I'm sure Patchy will protect you if need be.

    >Any of the topic you'd like me to write sooner than the others?

    You said in another post you felt like writing something about introversion, that could be interesting.

  2. @serenity: Good thing that I have no reason to come out today, and that no one attempted to gather in the campus. It was slightly scary to see what the protester gets out in the street tho.

    Hmm, guess I'll start thinking for that topic. Either that, or crossplaying (...yeap)