Monday, July 4, 2011

Just feelin' the monday blues

You know one thing I quite hate?

It's when people ignore you/don't give to hoots about you - when you say something to them, I mean.

Because it makes me think of two things:

1) Am I not making it clear that I except some sort of reaction/feedback from the other party?
2) The other person don't care about me at all.

I'm quite particular about this sort of thing. I might not make a big fuss over it, but when I get these kind of treatments, I feel it man. You might say I'm an attention whore... though I think I'm not as much as an attention whore as some people (I don't make 'those' kind of posts on FB... at least, I don't think so). I'm just a straightforward guy that at least expect when I give A, then you give B.

On the other hand, yes, I am quite reserved - I'm not the type who goes 'oh hey, how do you do?', or 'oh, what's that?' (something more prevalent in social websites) - but I'm not exactly the 'don't talk much, even when someone is asking him something' (in real life). I am a firm believer of 'think before you speak' - and if that gives me the impression of being too withdrawn or anything, then fine. Trust me, if I was ever to speak before I think, you'd find that I'm one negative, depressing and angry person.

But back on the topic: what gives? How come when I sometimes said something - and I meant saying it not in a rash way or anything - and yet those no-answers answers are still thrown at my face? Sometimes it makes me feel invisible, or tiny, or just not there at all. Try it sometimes, and see if it annoys you.

Those who like to keep communication to a minimum might view this as not a big issue, but it does bother me. So... what's the problem here then? My skewed view on communication? Self esteem problem? My oversensitivity? And by mentioning all those possible causes, what then? Go for a total change into extrovert, and become all annoying and loud? Be sarcastic when those replies - or rather the absence of it - are given? Take it like a bro and don't give a damn?

Bahh, I really feel like I should continue sticking to my guns - in not giving a flying fig about other people - and abide by the saying that 'missing a train is only painful if you run after it.' See, that's why I can't get myself to groove in with the mass' opinion (or just the mass in general); it's more painful when you can't get by with them... but that's another story altogether.

Yes, this is a more or less ranting post. And, by God, this post does make me sound more like an attention whore than anything. Well, it's not like I'm actually complaining to someone (as a few people tend to do when they get these kind of things), so I guess it's not too bad. In any case, it's my blog anyway, so yeah!

All this talking makes me feel like writing a bit on introversion later. That has been a subject that interests me ever since I was aware of my own state.

Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. Hard to really say what might have happened, since you didn't share a concrete example, but it may simply be that the other person didn't think it was such a pressing question or didn't have an answer. This isn't really my area of expertise though, since I rarely talk to people for any length of time.

  2. I get that feeling with no reply thing online especially if I know them through physical contact.

    >think before you speak
    If I don't do this I would spout nonsense.

  3. @Tigoris: Yea, I'll admit that I don't really give a full account of such encounter - I can't write it here without even me going 'well, that was silly of me to think that way'. But let's just say that there are several occasions where a few people engaged in an excited discussion more-or-less didn't respond to what I said. It might just be that I'm overthinking it, mm...

    You know, I think this is just the price you get for prolonged communication. It certainly makes you crave for more communication - I hope I'm making sense here.

    @MixedNuts: I know right?

    Yea, sometimes I feel like speaking some gibberish stuff too - mostly when I'm in a bad mood (which more or less is quite often, ahaha...)

  4. It is annoying when people don't respond, though I'm guilty of this myself with online communication. If it's something that would be difficult to respond to, or if I don't have an answer in mind, I've got a bad habit of forgetting about it and never getting around to replying.

  5. @serenity: yeah, I know about those kind of situation, although for my part, usually other people would have answered for me... so yea.

    Now, conversation in real life... those could get annoying when it happens to me. But since I'm not so much a social person, I guess it's natural heh.

  6. That sure is annoying. I rarely have to speak to other people than my mother and grandmother now though, so I don't get those "answers" in real life that much.

    >Those who like to keep communication to a minimum might view this as not a big issue, but it does bother me.

    Nah, it bothers me too.

  7. @Link: It's just that I demand some kind of attention. In any case, it's not really a big issue, but... yeah. Kinda get annoying when it happens every now and then.