Thursday, May 19, 2011

The place where I'll return to someday

How's everyone else? I see a lack of activity in the blogging sphere lately (i-it's not that I missed you guys or anything...) yes, nothing much have been happening here back home. I've watched a couple episodes of this season's anime (with Nichijou and Deadman Wonderland being the ones I'm most up-to-date). I've watched the first episodes of X-men, planning to watch a couple of episodes from other anime as well: I'm keeping Ano Hana, C, Denpa Onna, and TWOGK 2 on my backlog. Also, I should get back to Kore wa Zombie and Fractale too - been leaving those 2 for a while now.

Nichijou was pretty random; it gives me the impression of Azumanga Daioh meets Cromartie Highschool. I thought it was pretty alright at first, but when I view this one scene:

I was sold.

Deadman Wonderland, a stark constrast to the brightly coloured world of Nichijou, is (obviously) a gritty and bloody shonen genre ride. I'm pretty so-so when it comes to these genre, but it's those dark tones that made me to pick this one up (other similar series that I've watched in this way that I could think of right now would be Texhnolyze).

I love the OP

After watching Wolverine for last season, I'm glad to see the direction they took with X-men. At least Wolverine look less of a bishie and more gar this time.

I haven't listen to any new Touhou music nowadays (actually, I don't listen to any new music right now, period). I've had a few albums I've been putting in my backlog - guess I should sit down and have a listen at 'em.

I'm beginning to diversify my taste for a bit, so I'm now lurking over a few blogs to find all those awesome non-conventional records (props to these guys for introducing some pretty interesting records).

Speaking of music, have anyone checked out the performance of Flowering Night 2011? So far as I know, most of them are up at Niconico (I sign up just to view those recordings, even!), but I'm pretty disappointed to see that Buta Otome's performance isn't yet up. So for now, I can only console myself by listening to the MP3 of their performance.

So far, I could say that kairo, Buta Otome, Sekkenya, and Cool&Create are the more solid acts of the event.

(If you have a account, you might wanna check out this thread for updates on FN2011 - that's where I get all the MP3 and links)

(but I guess other sites such as /jp/ is more up to date on this kind of things, mm?)

I'm interested to watch the dancing pink bunny on stage...

EDIT: They are already up on Niconico, yeahhhh

Also, it's quite embarassing to admit, but I actually don't listen much to a lot of the performing circles prior (e.g. Sekkenya, Cool&Create, Akeboshi Rockets)... so that'd give me something to look forward to when I blast some songs, heh.

Oh, and I also played a few songs on my bro's bass, since I'm getting pretty lazy to do other stuff. I might write more about it in later posts.

After hearing about it in a few posts back, I decided to play Yume Nikki. It was quite an experience, and it gives me the atmosphere of Mother series game meets Serial Experiments Lain. It's scary, bleak, crazy, weird... but I love it. Now, if only I could figure out where the next effect is...

Wow, this turns out longer than intended (not to mention unorganized). Anyway, I'm returning to my campus this weekend (hence the title), where I'll stay for the next 2 month to finish up my final year project. It - the project - is scaring the hell out of me (a bit), seeing as I haven't done much on it yet - but I hope the next 2 uninterrupted month would let me to produce something coherent. Godspeed, me...

Can't take it easy


  1. I still haven't picked up Nichijou, even though it was the show I looked forward to the most after Kaiji 2. And I've heard that the Deadman Wonderland manga is really good, so I'm either going to read or watch it later. The dark and gritty themes made me interested in it, but somehow it seems to be a bit too shounen-y.

    >props to these guys for introducing some pretty interesting records

    You're welcome, man.
    I have some stuff to go through in my music backlog as well.

    >the atmosphere of Mother series

    Yeah. Now I feel like playing it again.


    Good luck!

  2. I should play Yume Nikki again - I played it for a while ages ago and then just sort of stopped for no reason.

    What's X-Men like? I didn't like the first few episodes of Iron Man and figured I'd feel the same way about the rest of the Marvel collabs, but there's really not been much discussion about them anywhere.

  3. @Link: Exactly. It looks rather shounen-ish, that I actually thought, 'if it becomes too much, I might switch over for something else'.

    I think I'll pick up 1st season of Kaiji after this.


    @serenity: I didn't watch Iron Man, but I watched Wolverine. I think I like X-men better than Wolverine, for reason I mentioned in my post (no bishie Wolverine, hell yeah!). The art style in this one is more fitting for a Marvel series; the last 2 ones were quite odd if you ask me. In any case, I like the actions.

    This is not very significant, but I like how they make the music in the series to be more of an epic style, rather than the heavy rock/metal style that I hear in Wolverine. It's nice.