Tuesday, May 24, 2011

C2AGE 2011

So I said that I'm gonna get serious and work on my thesis as soon as possible right? Turns out I did a leeeetle detour last weekend, by attending one anime conventions.

B-but it's not as if I was slacking off or anything! It's a good chance to meetup some familiar faces (and some new ones), right? Right?

Anyway, I didn't took much picture the first day. Why? Well I dunno... I guess I was still tired from the train journey I had the day before. Or maybe because I didn't get any sleep. Or a hundred other insignificant factors that could lead to being lazy.

OK, I'm just rambling over there. Here's some pictures of the first day:

The Wriggle gets bullied quite a lot (which might not be so surprising haha)

And that's about half of the pics that I took on the first day. But to my defense, there wasn't too many cosplays on the first day that really impress me, with majority of them being Vocaloids. Also, I mostly used my camera to record the band performance, which you can see as such:

(more videos of the events could be found at my Youtube channel [/shameless plugging])

I had the experience of meeting a few online people irl. It's always strange whenever that happens if you ask me - you don't get the comfort of non-direct communication - but I'm okay with that.

The second day was slightly fruitful, as the gears in my head finally starts to kick off:

I like this Madoka cosplayer. She's cute~

With the exception of the blurry hand flashing by, this picture surprisingly turn out quite good.

I did took some pictures with the Koumajou Densetsu team with a few other guys, with almost the same position as the Wriggle above (oh that's so m of me). Just head over my FB page if you're curious about it:

Pictures of C2AGE (I will put it as public for about 2 weeks or so)

Also, no worries, for there's no terrible crossplayers picture in that (Azusa, anyone? :P). So just take it easy there.

A few things I learn from this convention:
1) Traps and crossplayers are a must in a con
2) A con is only half as fun without a friend or acquaintances. Or cute cosplayers.
3) If you hang out with the people at the cons too long, you'll start to pick up their crazy traits (and I mean the funny whacky kind of crazy)
4) Getting stabbed in the back ain't too bad (I'll let you browse around my FB page to find out what that means hahahah)

Well, time to finally get on my thesis. The next posts might be when something more interesting happen (which I can't guarantee, seeing that I'll be subjected to rigorous labworks and writing). I'll still be my usual procrastinating self, so:

Take it easy guys~


  1. Some of those props look really time consuming to make but other than that it seems the cosplay was rather mediocre at best. Not that I could ever do better.

  2. Some decent cosplay there, relative to the cosplay seen at any of the cons in Western Australia. I'd never bother going to a con alone, the ones in Perth aren't very good to begin with and the friends is what makes it fun. Also seeing My Love is a Stapler live? That sounds pretty cool.

  3. Well, I wish to attend anime con too, but unfortunately I don't have any relative or friend that willing to let me to stay overnight there.

  4. I've never been to a convention myself. I would maybe consider going to one if I had someone to go with, but everyone has to live in the bottom part of the country, or not in the country at all. And I think the fear of expensive tickets, socializing with the regular weeaboos and narutards, seeing a terrible cos/crossplayer being a character I like, etc, is bigger than the curiosity of going to the convention.

    It seems like most cons over here are rather shitty though, so I probably haven't missed out on anything.

  5. @Pocky: Seems like it's a tough to strike a balance between the prop and costume isn't it? But then again, I have a pretty low standard, so I wouldn't know.

    @Claude: Yeap, friends do make cons a bit more fun (or at least bearable haha). There were a few other K-ON song being performed, but I like Stapler the best.

    @Gkin: I wouldn't worry about missing these smaller events, but I'll definitely be looking out for CF at the end of the year. Maybe you can find some friends from the east side that's going there as well?

    @Link: I can see where you're coming frp,. I've been to a few cons before when I didn't knew anyone around there, and I can only say that I only enjoyed the merchandise and band performance (it was a time where I couldn't even ask a cosplayer for a pic, if you wanna know the story)

  6. Dead Master's scythe looks nice. The costume looks ok to me. I figure it must be hard cosplaying as DM due to her almost skin tight clothing and props.

    That Meiling looks scary though. Very scary.

    >Something TRENDY Opening Soon

    I laughed when I saw this.

  7. Some of those costumes look pretty good, others less so. The Madoka one looks nice.

    The band performances seem like an interesting idea, never seen anything like that myself.

  8. @Cpt: Yeap, the scythe is quite good; I'd say it's better than the one by another DM (tho the second one was closer to DM's personality - posing-wise). And that Meiling cosplayer seems like the silent don't-play-around-with-me-buddy kind of guy, so I guess that'd explain it.

    >I laughed when I saw this

    I didn't notice that... lol!

    @serenity: Yeap, that's how things go right. I like the Madoka ones too, but I think the Mami cosplayer was a bit on the chubby side.

    Band performances are actually quite common here; they're almost compulsary for the conventions here, even.

  9. O hai Faults. >:D

    The madoka and Homura (the black-haired one, hope i get the name right) were CF2010's Touhouvania Marisa and Reimu. Too bad they cudnt come as Marisa/Reimu since they were doing... that. :D

    I'll get the Touhouvania team in shape and have a better photoshoot next taim. |3v

  10. @Chiko: Yo!

    Ahh, really? I really did not notice that (guess I'm just bad at remembering people haha). Pity they couldn't come then.

    I'll be looking forward to what you guys have in store :)