Sunday, May 15, 2011

This isn't actually a goodbye...

"I don't care if it's a sad good-by or a bad good-by, but when I leave a place I like to know I'm leaving it"
- Holden Caulfield, The Catcher In The Rye

What's up guys. I was very very much into the last two papers that I actually stopped coming online for 2 days (that's how serious I was), so I have a lot to catch up on other blog posts. And when the papers finished on Thursday, I spend the weekend just chilling and taking it easy. I was planning to write this straight away after the last paper, but procrastination got the best of me, heheh.

Anyway, as of last Thursday, I have finished the last of my exam papers, leaving only my final project writing and presentation (which kinda scares the hell out of me... tho I have two month to patch it all up). Come July, and I'll be gone from my university for good (at least, until September where I'll return for Master, but that's a different story).

What follow is some account of my stay at college (yes, I actually stayed at the same college for the whole 3 years, even if I eventually grew to become bored of it):

Year 1

The place where I reside for 3 whole years

I was pretty reclusive at this time, tho I participate in quite a number of college activity (partly because I felt that it was better than doing nothing, and partly because it's a prerequisite if I was to extend my stay for another year). My presence in my department is more meager, with me engaging in some... rather eccentric behaviour (I won't tell them here - it's kinda embarassing even to think about it - tho I'll give a hint and say that they involves clothing and appearance).

It was pretty interesting to note that I dabbled quite extensively in religion, politic, war, and conspiracy theories at this time. Guess it's a phase that I went through?

I think I have posted my picture in here way back before, so I don't see any problem posting it here. Not that too many rubbernecks in the pictures would likely to find them anyway:

Brutal dudes

I still have this, although it gets a bigger pot now

A cat that went in my room

Year 2

Too lewd?

More active presence at the department, at the expense of college activities. To be honest I was just tired of having to attend all those activities because 'they are mandatory'. We also had a lot of fieldworks during this year, which although I find taxing then, eventually came to miss them afterwards.

She's a guy, yup

Pushing a broken down bus + rain = no good

Big kids

Barbeques are nice

This old geezer just shat among the rocks. Really.

The department's best lecturer of all time. Of all time.

Not surprisingly, I was kicked out of college, but successfully returned during next year when there are absence in some of the rooms.

Year 3

This tree at our college burst into flames for no apparent reason. I suspect that Mokou was there.

This year mark a major change, as I've become more critical in my thinking, more pessimistic, and REALLY started to think if I was ever going to let myself drift through university life without nothing interesting happening. I guess that affect my academic performance a bit, but it was worth it. At least I don't have much regrets now, finishing my Degree level and all.

Mini pineapple. Quite cute, eh?

Free food: our department give them quite a lot (except that you had to attend the talk afterwards)

Something worth mentioning about college tho: I roomed with this one little prick that annoyed the hell out of me. He was all right at first, even if he's those kind of people who liked to sing out loud (when he has those not-so-melodious voice), and made me all nervousy-jittery when he suddenly yelled at me from a distance when I'm walking on the road.

But then one day, while I was watching the final episode of Toradora, right when the scene where they were at the bridge - that little asshole started to imitate Taiga ("baka baka baka") in that stupid voice of his. the damn mood goddammit. I turned the hell around, and shown him the finger like a boss. He still grinned like an idiot, but at least he went out afterwards (off doing some college activities or something, which I don't care). I shoulda shout at him or something too, or even better, throw something at his stupid grinning face - yes, I'm quite emotional and hotheaded, I admit.

Zakk Wylde have some pretty good stuff before he went all heavy

I guess that's how I came to hate his gut ever since. Partly because of my change into being more pessimistic and reclusive, I guess. Maybe I just don't groove along with them 'normals' too much, I don't know.

Sometimes I feel like giving him a knuckle sandwich for no apparent reason. I've honestly never felt so pissed off at someone like that.

Another thing was that drove me crazy was the fact that the little prick totally abused his guitar. The condition of the guitar is one thing - maybe he liked the old faded look or something - but not changing the string when it snapped? Talk about lazy. I felt like crying whenever I looked at the guitar.

And he only played it like maybe once a week or so. He doesn't even keep the guitar in a case or anything, that blockhead.

Regardless, at least he allow me to mess around like an autist on the instrument. I guess that's the only good thing I could say about him. In a sense, I guess I miss him a bit. Tho, if I ever to room with him again, I'd still hate his guts, that fool.

Well, that's all I felt like writing about my whole three years at the university. I'll make another more significant post highlighting what is it that I'm doing during my post-exam period (I need more sleep to recover the ones I lost during exam weeks...). Take it easy until then, mmkay?

Let's end this with another stuff from Pride and Glory, which goes well with the mood and all:


  1. >I was very very much into the last two papers that I actually stopped coming online for 2 days

    It hasn't really happened much these past days. Blogger went down and deleted some posts. And after that everything got slower than usual.

    >but procrastination got the best of me

    I know that feel.

    >Too lewd?

    Too lewd.

    >that little asshole started to imitate Taiga ("baka baka baka") in that stupid voice of his.

    I would be so mad. And that poor guitar. ;_;

  2. > I actually stopped coming online for 2 days (that's how serious I was)

    I envy you, I'm too weak-willed to stay offline for any real period. Congrats on getting all your papers done!

    >This old geezer just shat among the rocks. Really.


    >"baka baka baka"

    At the worst possible moment. Maybe he was just upset at the Taiga end?

  3. @Link: Yeah, some guys were making big stinks over the Blogger issue. I was actually planning to post something too, but then the shutdown took place...

    Poor guitar indeed. Maybe I should take it away from that guy, heh.

    @Serenity: Yes.

    Nahh, he's just the type who probably view anime as kids/girly stuff, that prick.

  4. God, at that moment I would... Yeah I'd hate him from then on too.

    Sounds like you had a pretty interesting 3 years, maybe I should start taking more photos of stuff so I can look back and remember things like this.

  5. >liked to sing out loud

    Oh, I have a co-worker that does that and it annoys me too. I'd probably hate living with your roommate as well.

  6. Nice post, keep up the good work!

  7. @Claude: Why can't we all have nice things.

    I used to take my camera almost everywhere, but cut it out on the account that it wore the camera down fast. But yeah, photos are nice when you wanna reminisce and stuff.

    @Cpt: Well, I won't mind them singing once in a while, but when they do it without seeming to consider others... sometimes it feel as if they're doing it on purpose.