Tuesday, May 3, 2011

He's dead

"Osama's Death Will Ensure A More Peaceful And Safe World "
- Comment from a certain local politician


So by now probably half of the people across the globe is celebrating for the death of Osama, with a small number doing the opposite, lamenting the loss of 'freedom fighter', 'defender of faith', 'global Islamic fighter', or whatever (yes, we get some of the latter here too).

As for me? I couldn't care less. I never approved of his modus operandi - and his own view that he's godsend - so naturally I wasn't moved when the news came in. Rather, what gets me instead is how most people are quick to jump into the bandwagon and say, "finally, that terrorizing bastard is dead!", thinking that removing this guy out of the picture would solve the problem that's going on right now. Well, do you think that REALLY make the world more peaceful and safe? You don't think another Osama will rise up somewhere (or rather, we will 'create' another one), and another bloody cycle begins anew?

And you keep voicing out against terrorism - but what about the other more serious shit that's going on?At this rate, I think hunger, overpopulation, and pollution will get to us before terrorism does - but this is not the place for me to discuss that. At least, not yet.

Well, I'm honestly quite ignorant when it comes to geopolitics, so I think Needless post makes a better job at discussing this issue (the picture at the end is ace too).

Yes, I promised earlier that I won't be here until the next 2 week, but I just gotta get this thing off my chest. It has really bothered me, honestly. Hope you excuse this ranting...

'tis but a distant dream...

As for me, I'm done with another paper today - the last 2 papers won't be until next week. So off to the studying table I go...

How's everyone else doing?


  1. I'm so out of the loop with the news that I didn't even know about this until I read it on these very blogs.

    I agree with you in not caring.

    >How's everyone else doing?


  2. It's not like he did anything really significant anyway.

    When you tally up even the most extreme numbers of what he affected and compare it to the whole, or even a portion, it's nothing to get excited about.

    I'm not saying something is right or wrong, but any rational thinking person should be able to conclude that all the world's woes never stem from one man.

  3. >At this rate, I think hunger, overpopulation, and pollution will get to us before terrorism does

    The serious issues are never the popular ones unfortunately. Not that bin Laden's death is a bad thing, but it'll have a minimal effect on anything besides public morale.

  4. >"Osama's Death Will Ensure A More Peaceful And Safe World"

    ... No. Terrorism doesn't die just because the leader does. Now he died as a martyr and will only inspire people even more. And he hasn't even contributed much to the organization the past years, so I can't see why killing him off was so great.

    >How's everyone else doing?

    Still feeling a bit shitty, but better than before.

  5. It hasn't taken long for the CONSPIRACIES to start. Feels bad man.

  6. Yeah, I really couldn't care less about his death anyway. If anything it just opens the door for someone else to fill the vacuum and try some large strike on the US when it's been fairly well in keeping danger off its mainland for a while now. I pretty much mirror your thoughts. Offing Osama does nothing really. You "serve justice" and "get vengeance" but that doesn't do anything for peace or safety at all.