Friday, February 11, 2011

What ringgit and sens meant to a certain middlegrounder

Don't be fooled by the apparently thought provoking title.

So... I've been looking at the figures they were going to release at Wonfest 11. And my reaction... could be perfectly summed up by this series of pic:

I'm exaggerating (but not by much)

Yeah, I'm a madman~

Unexpected tl;dr below:

Remember that one post where I mention about being a normalfag? Turns out that... it might be a different story altogether.

I recall reading somewhere of someone who has been commented that his views are "not extreme enough", and I couldn't help but to relate it with my own situation. Looking back to what I've been doing (mostly - but not limited to - hobbies) in life, I haven't really do anything that could be considered as extreme/dedicated/hardcore.

Oh wait, there is one thing... I'm very good at being:

I've always considered myself more of a middlegrounder (I wonder if that word exists, heh), or what I'd say a jack of all trades. Don't get me wrong tho - what I mean is that I have an interest in many things, yet I don't have anything that I feel a particular strong attachment - get the gist of what I'm saying?

By extensively involving myself in the normal life chores and some other time-killing activities, and being a Slowking at BOTH of them (I take it easy at taking it easy?), the result is... wakarimasen lol

So what exactly caused me to bring this up anyway? Well, through the several discussions/talking with some people on a few of my subject of interests (which would include some generic rl stuff as well), you'd certainly notice that I can be quite passive most of the time. You could take it two way - either I'm taking my time analyzing the points being discussed... or rather, I simply don't have anything to say at all on the subject in question. Both are true, to some extent.

But it's not that I feel left out anything! Being someone who sits on the fence have its own charm too (I think). You would be forgiven, however, to come to the conclusion that I'm a passive wishy washy indecisive yesman person, though a more accurate description would be... an impatient reclusive passive thoughtful overanalyzing simple-minded-yet-overtly-complicated dude. Yup.

(I'm a madman, I know)

Alright I've somewhat derailed from what I was getting to earlier in the post.

The point I'm trying to get to is that not many things can really get me all riled up or excited. For the former, it saves me a lot of trouble of getting into unnecessary 'debates', although I can be quite a bore when it comes to conversations.

And as for the latter... well, as the title would suggest, it saves me a lot of money. No, seriously, if I was more extreme, I'd have spent more on all those glorious figures, plushies, artbooks, music CDs etc etc

...or maybe not, since I rarely buy things out of impulse: I would analyze and plan and be an utter stingy cheapskate whenever I have an item that I'm interested in. Partly this is because I'm a poorfag (;_;), and also partly because of the points that I just mentioned above.

Also, while we're at it, might as well mention some of the things in life that could really get me excited, eh?

Music: Got any good ol rock, metal, or just any good music in general? Lemme have a listen to them then! I practically listen to a lot of stuff (Although they tend to be obscure, or the ones that don't really make it to the airwaves. Old stuff tends to end up in my list too)

Anime: while not being worthy of being called an anime otaku - I'm VERY casual at watching them - I could sit around through a discussion or two on a series. But since I don't watch that much series... expect some cricket sound from my side if you started talking about a series (well not really, but you get the idea).

Touhou: I don't think I need to elaborate much on this. I don't think there's any other series that has the same impact to me. Touhou ruined my life (no kidding), but it was definitely worth it.

Geology: Especially those which have some aesthetic values (hey, even rocks could be beautiful, if you look at it from a certain perspective), and when I'm not being burdened with fieldwork.

Now that I think about, I guess I'm not a total bore after all heh.

Yes yes yes, in the next post we'll get to something which is less of ranting and rambling alright~


  1. There's nothing wrong with being a 'jack of all trades', as you so adequately put it. Some people choose to dedicate energy and time to one particular interest; whilst others may balance out that energy into several, which is great! As long as there are things that excite and rile you up, that's all that counts. Haters gon' hate.

    It's fine if one is a person who generally 'sits on the fence'; when the time or opportunity comes for them to jump off that fence and wreak some havoc, they'll do it :3

    >I would analyze and plan and be an utter stingy cheapskate whenever I have an item that I'm interested in.

    I'm the same! I've always been so wary when dishing out cash, even if it isn't much ;_;

  2. >I would analyze and plan and be an utter stingy cheapskate whenever I have an item that I'm interested in. Partly this is because I'm a poorfag
    I know that feel.

    I also don't think I'm hardcore either but if you get on to subjects on games,anime that's what comes out easily.

    >rocks could be beautiful.
    I really like shiny rocks if you have em I would like to see them.

  3. You shouldn't think of yourself as uninteresting. You basically have enough knowledge to have a good idea of what people are talking about. This way, if you don't know what people are talking about then you could at least have a great deal of understanding.

  4. I'm a Slowking too, and I'm also very good at being one. Music and weeabooism gets me excited as well. Or as excited a Slowking can get.

    >i have no monies


  5. I was looking forward to Miku Love is War Ver's release date the most in this WF, but they didn't mention it. Instead they scrapped the glorious base ;_;

    I wouldn't worry about it that much. There isn't much that excites me either. I only keep up with a couple of shows per season and I usually end up dropping a few of them. If that makes me a "casual" then oh well. I'm not going to make the effort to watch something I don't feel like watching.

  6. Don't worry too much about your personal identity. Don't compare yourself to other people, and especially communities, fuck them. It's not worth it.

    Just be who you most want to become if you had the chance, and take it easy with the rest of the stuff.

  7. I can relate to how you're feeling, but I'm in the process of trying to carry out what Kami No Pocky said.

    Occasionally, video games can get me excited, but it happens much less often than it used to. Anime and music is better in that respect nowadays.

  8. @Chiyo: Yeah, I guess we're just poor like that ;_:

    @MixedNuts: Maybe I'll show 'em in later posts haha

    @Jerry: I guess you could notice that I am quite good at self deprecation haha. In any case, no one had actually mentioned right in my face that I'm uninteresting - it's all in my head, really

    @Link: We both be Slowking...

    @Cap'n: I like your way of thinking. Sometimes those people who go "ehh, you mean you haven't watch it??" do get me, but well, that's just the way I roll, yeah?

    @Pocky: Sounds like you had some unpleasant experience on this. In any case, I can definitely see what you mean by that.

    @HHH: I guess I'm still somewhat in that adjustment process - I'm still 'searching', if you get what I mean