Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That Reimu plushie

Happy v-day to those who celebrated it~

As for me, I was too busy with uni to do anything for the day. Well, not that I really celebrate it in the first place anyway haha.

Anyway, remember that I mentioned on my plan on purchasing some girly toys, and how I found one that I'm interested in? Well, the plushie in question is a Reimu plushie that is released by Gift.

The first thing about the plushie in question is that it is big... BUT I don't think it's the 30,000 yen one, which reach up to a whooping 70 cm height. From what I remembered, the plushie reach only from my fingertip to slightly further than my elbow - I estimated it to be about 40 - 50 cm in length. So it's definitely not the other Reimu plushie released by Gift either, because that one is smaller than this one.

The price of the said plushie is about 3,000 yen, give or take. So... anyone know anything about the plushie in question? I'm kinda suspicious about the pricing, but heck, even if it's a bootleg version, it certainly looks tempting.

Here's a pic of a Marisa plushie that was sold along with the Reimu plushie. I'm sure the guy won't be too hot on seeing his face posted here... so, yeah:

Rileklah Marisa~

See, it certainly is big, but not as big as the extremely expensive and big Reimu plushie up there, right?

So... to get or not get?


  1. Big plushie is big, and adorable.

    I don't know anything about it, sorry.. That price is certainly very appealing and tempting. I doubt it's anything to be too suspicious about. Personally, I wouldn't really care if it were a bootleg, considering the price; it would still make a superb addition to any collection. It's up to you!

  2. Neither I know anything about it. I've heard about the regular ones and the bigger ones, though. Needless to say, I want it. ;_;

  3. No, it is the same. Japanese people, well females mostly are smaller than others. I makes sense if you consider the girl holding the huge Reimu might only be 1.40 or 1.50.

    There are only four types from Gift, the Fumo Fumo regular ones, the floppy hand puppets, the smaller nendo plus, and the huge X3's.

    I bet their shipping boxes are huge though, and would hate to see the customs tax.

  4. Get it if you can afford it. I want to hug one so badly.

  5. They look roughly the same size, but it has to be a bootleg. The design of that Marisa is the Nendoroid version and it never made it into the Dekkai series.

    It's really up to you to get it or not. It isn't that pricey, but the real question is the quality and shipping costs.

  6. @Pocky & Cpt: The plushie is actually sold at this one shop - so there's no problem of extra tax and all - but since you'd be hard pressed to find a shop here that sells authentic animu stuff... I have all the reason to suspect its authenticity.

    At least the Reimu one is designed closer to the one by ANGELTYPE. But as I said, I wouldn't really mind if it's a bootleg - as long as I could hug it (tehehe)

  7. >But as I said, I wouldn't really mind if it's a bootleg - as long as I could hug it (tehehe)

    That's what it all comes down to, I think. I don't really think bootlegs are that much of a significant issue when it comes to plushies (if you just want a nice item to hug and display :3), as opposed to figures and other things, where defects are more visible..

  8. @Chiyo: Yeap, you got that right. If it comes to figures, I'd probably stay away from them altogether.

    Now I feel like a girl, mentioning about the plushie lol