Sunday, February 2, 2014

Structural Geology Mapping 2013-14

Last week I followed the second year students as they head down south to Pahang and Johor to carry out their Structural Geology Mapping, a subset of their second year Geological Fieldworks. Normally helming the group of lecturers would be my supervisor - who is currently on sabbatical - and so I was invited by one of the lecturer, seeing as I'm currently researching onto structural geology on a fault zone up north in Kedah...

Some more pictures off the trip below:

Without going into much details of the fieldwork, I would like to say that I have learned (or rather relearned) a few things throughout the whole 6 days stretch of the fieldwork along with the students:

Looking at the students reminds how we used to be idealistic on how we're going to turn out after graduation (with some not even making it in time... or not at all).

There was a period where I wasn't really learning much - or practicing what I've learned - on geology. I have come to realize fieldworks are very, very important for geologist, and how there is no substitution for it. There is only so much you can learn theoretically, but it's always in the field where the real game is!

I love planning, but unfortunately I get a sort-of feeling high when planning, a feeling of satisfaction at a great planning, that I find it hard to actually execute them.

I should step up on my thesis writing. This is something which has made itself heard over and over, and I'm slowly working my way there. But admittedly I'm not working hard enough - and so I am working on rectifying that!

And lastly, no matter how messy, disorganized, or at times disinterested I am at my work, I still have high regards on the subject of geology. The whole aspect of researching and bureaucracy is rather daunting, but I shall find my way around them. In the long run, it's teaching that I'm aiming for, rather than position as some would think when it comes to academia.

By hook or by crook, my research will be done.

Also, I've gotten around to mess around more with sketching during the trip (as the few insertion here and there shows), hopefully I'll stick around with drawing more in the future, eh?

I'd like to thank Dr Jasmi for inviting me to follow along the field work. Not only it was good to get all nostalgia and travel down south, but it has become something of a recharge during the course of my work.

Well, time to get back to work now!

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