Friday, February 21, 2014

Don't blame, don't complain?

I know the more hardened cynic out there might take the message behind the short video, which is basically to count your blesssings and not forget that it's all part of God's plan, with a lot of, ahem, salt.

Without going too much into the religion or moral aspect of the video, I'd like to critique the video on how the 'complaints' are more towards the things which the more privileged people would have access to. 'Most of us live in life of incredible abundant' might hold true to those people, but for those with terrible socieoeconomic status, turbulent family, monstrous work place, unstable mental condition, different set of views which lead to their alienation from society... the message of the video might backfire for them.

Don't get me wrong, I think the video is pretty alright for certain people. But those who are in much less fortunate condition, it might even make them more cynical on life. In a bigger picture, the message is pretty unrealistic I think - although I will admit the part where we should be happy with our portion holds true. I can't help but feel the total message to be rather shallow? Especially with the band thing near the end - though some might find that refreshing?

Through time, I have learned that there's a lot of different people out there, and their condition are totally different - better or worse - than you are, that not everyone is going to respond to a message the same. I would thus consider myself a cynic after watching this. I don't know, how about you?

*This is rather strange for me to ramble all of a sudden, considering I had a relatively fine day after a fruitful discussion with my supervisor. I suppose it's my realistic and cynic side deciding to pop in for a short ride... 

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