Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fossil of dinosaur found in Malaysia!

One of our old lecturer have talked of the search of dinosaur fossils here in Malaysia. I bet this news is something of a joy for him as well as all the other paleontologists here. Kinda dismayed at the lack of attention being given at this piece of news, but geology is a pretty dry and overlooked subject after all...

I'm glad the state government have the hindsight to protect the excavation site and not announced it immediately to the public: given our easily hyped public, imagine the rush created (and the destruction!) in search of more dinosaurs parts.

Anyway it's our department's lecturer right there! And I'm quite surprised to see one of my old coursemate name as part of the searching committee as well.

Now I'm curious what other dinosaur fossils that would be uncovered in the future.

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