Monday, February 17, 2014

Kelantan trip 2014

I've decided to take a bit of break from my thesis writing and head east to Kelantan. It was as much as just refreshing my system as it is to travel around for a bit. Thanks Ariff, family and co for having me.

Some pictures off the trip, with random notes and musing here and there. I'm not really cut out for traveloguing, but I try hehe.

There's always time for KanColle! 

Unfortunately the first few sets of pictures from first breakfast in Kelantan (featuring a meme involving 'makan otak') is corrupted. But it was started with KanColle, you can be sure of that! (where we're watching Taihou being levelled up, sending of full SS fleet on 5-3, and talk of infidelity with Touhou Project).

It's just animals for the rest of the morning.



Evening was spent fishing, and I had went down and started my furious round of sketching and doodling then...


Whose fault is this?!



Rods and waves 

Lame attempt at trying to catch the moon

Empty handed anglers

Unfortunately no fishes were caught off the coast. Blame it on the strong waves for scaring the fishes (?) away.

That night went for a feast for one of their cousin's birthday: there's nasi dagang, chocolate cake and some kuih. One of the family had twins - named Amar & Amir, not Upin & Ipin as someone had speculated. Rest of the night was spent on cleaning up the sketches, with a few stray ideas being jotted down for later excursion. End up sleeping rather late.

Next morning is a trip to Rantau Panjang, where they were purchasing some football jerseys for one of the family member in Australia. They went back and forth arguing whether to get M or L sized ones...

Punching bag that wants to be punched


Burnt shop lots

No caption needed

Ariff's sister then called one of her local Rantau Panjang friend. Lunch was spent on a roadside shop selling noodles. Had coconut drinks (air nyior - us Kedahian woulda called it ayaq nyok).

Also finally gotten the whole tubik and kelik meaning in Kelantan lingo down. I always thought the first one refers to the act of telling someone something...

This here is a local ice cream, if I'm not mistaken - I saw the same ice cream being sold at another locality later in the evening. Pretty good, with its mixture of soft ice cream and various toppings and breads, though I wonder if the stomach pain I get in the evening was as a result of the frozen confection...

Chinese designed mosque: Masjid Jubli Emas Sultan Ismail Petra

After a short Zuhur stop, we checked a Buddhist wat in. Can't remember where it was, but afterward we went to a place called Simpang Empat I believe...

Buddhist wat: Wat Photivihan

Reclining Buddha


Coconuts again

At night we planned to get some nasi kerabu, but the shop was out of them. Had good ol white rice with chicken, with a lady grey tea at the side - something I bought here for their kitchen, leading them to wonder where the heck the strange tea packets came from. Pre-sleep ritual consist of watching Pacific Rim [Strayan! Shingeki no Kyojin references! For my famiry! Where's my goddammed shoes?!]. 

Next morning had nasi kerabu, awesome. It's Valentine's Day, and we spend our time reading the marriage system being implemented for KanColle - and wondering which one of our ships we plan to give the wedding ring. Gotten ticket for the night only a few hours before the trip back to KL: I stopped at Hentian Putra, Ariff at Shah Alam. 

No picture for the third day, huh. 

Also I know someone who had mentioned that Kelantan helped him to work on his creativity streak, seeing as there isn't much going on in terms of entertainment (and distractions). It does appear to be true, as I managed to draft 3 sketch through the trip (with a few more ideas for future sketching), as well as a few possible writing in the future. 

Perhaps I should go back to Alor Star one of these days and see if the same creativity streak could be repeated... As for now, here's of the few puns that I came up with from the trip while I tidy up the other sketches and writings:

OK had that lame pun right before heading to Kelantan, but I gotten down to 'shop it there yeah. 

Random sketch while at the beach

A work in progress

I have also decided that I shall be uploading my oh-so-random doodles and sketches periodically here, as well as on other sites as well (tumblr, dA... pixiv?). I guess the Kelantan trip really does good for flexing my drawing mood, will try and get the creativity streak going on.

Future trip? Perhaps going for the some wilderness action... or maybe a round trip around region of Pahang? (we have a few contact there after all). Who knows, but for now it might be best to just promise this:

I'll be Beck.

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