Saturday, September 22, 2012

Opeth - Hope Leaves

In the corner beside my window
There hangs a lonely photograph
There is no reason
I'd never notice a memory that could hold me back

There is a wound that's always bleeding
There is a road I'm always walking
And I know you'll never return to this place

Gone through days without talking
There is a comfort in silence
So used to losing all ambition
And struggling to maintain what's left

And once undone, there is only smoke
Burning in my eyes to blind
To cover up what really happened
And force the darkness unto me

This song can gives me the blues, but strangely at the same time, some optimism. It's a beautiful song.

Knowing that whatever moment you're experiencing right now, and how you'll never truly return to the moment no matter how hard you try... that thought gives you a greater appreciation of the present innit?

When the moment is gone, and when you leave the memory in the past - that is when hope leaves. Memories may hold us back, but don't ignore it - acknowledge it. Even if the wound keeps on bleeding, you walk the path. When saying nothing is the best thing to say. Even if all ambitions are gone, you've got to go on with your life. You may decide to burn it all up to cover the past, but it doesn't change the fact that you yourself could never go back to that place.

Even if we're never to return to this place... life goes on. This too shall pass..

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