Wednesday, September 12, 2012

End of Music Myths & Legends column

I picked up The Star last Sunday to find out that one of the regular fortnightly column, Music Myths & Legends by Martin Vengadesan is finally closing its 10-years long chapters. I've only picked it up for something like... 4-5 years perhaps, the early 2-3 years or so back when I was a regular of the newspaper (with emphasis only on the weekend issues... ahem). 

I enjoyed reading the column, in spite - or maybe because of - the generation gaps between the featured artists and songs here. I don't know, I just like the concept of retro and older things, even if they might be deemed obsolete, irrelevant, or dinosaurs... 

But with music, the song keeps on playing, and generations continue to enjoy them for years to come. Generations might argue which songs of the era is better, but it is of my opinion that music truly transcend generation barriers - as well as language and culture. It's truly something to be shared - and it's great that there's people like Martin who does so. 

It's been a real treat reading about all those legends of old, and it's equally heartening to hear his music life here in this final article. Thanks for the memories Martin - keep on the Rock 'n Roll spirit! 

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