Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What happened to the good ol blogging?

After a couple announcement from other regular blogs which I follow, that they're going to go on hiatus for an indefinite time - and by an observation by one of them - I realize how this blog itself has suffered a blow in terms of activity way back in the halcyon days of the blogging circles that I follow way back in 2010...

In fact, one of my friend had remarked that he 'used to like what I write in my blog'. Which had got me thinking just why is it that there's a lack of input from this good ol' blog (as well as other blogs - and I see a disturbing trend of blogs going dead, slow, or running off the track)... and I could think of a few:

1) The other bloggers have stopped or posted very rarely - which decrease the motivation for blogging

Back then, it seems like everyone had something to tell. It goes on to what it seems that by reading others' blogs, one would be tempted to give a few pennies for thoughts as well. So i view it as a two way process - both reading and writing. Feedback, it is.

2) Social media took over the function of blogging

With the infamous Facebook and Twitter, everything is handed out in a rapid-fire and straight to the point manner. Want to share something? Post it on Facebook or Twitter - and watch those likes, comments, retweets slowly tick up... if it fancies others, that is.

3) We don't get two-ways communication now

See 1). Of course, I'm guilty for this, seeing as I'm very slow in updating, and commenting at others blogs now... Sorry.

4) Everyone has something else that take their mind off blogging

Perhaps too general an answer - but I see this as a big reason for people to go slow or stop on blogging.... but then again, doesn't those kind of things go on even when they were more active?

5) Not much/no more interest in blogging

Combine all the other points above with this, and you're sure to get a dead blog(s).

Well. I'm still sticking around here to write things now and then. Only time will tell where this blog will go after this - whether I'm going to stick around with random updates, or buck up and get back to regular writing spree. We shall see...


  1. Thanks for adding 'halcyon' to my vocabulary.

    'Drifting apart' is still clearly going strong and you make an effort to write, which is great. Keep it up!

    I think a lot of people fell victim to the fourth and fifth point; they just lost interest. Which of course leads to a drop in two-way communication. I'm certainly somewhat guilty of that, too, and I apologize for not having commented more-often here lately. I do read, though, and I'll continue to. I've always liked your writing style. Respect, space cowboy.

    1. I'm somewhat guilty at the non commenting part too actually... There's a lot of 'silent readers' going, even more now.

      Haha glad that my random writings now and then piqued your interest. Respect to you too brah

  2. You pretty much nailed it but I think it's mostly comments. No comments gives the impression that people aren't reading even though they are.

    1. True, true. Which makes some other rather active blogs (outside of the conventional circles in blogger, even) that doesn't get much comments, and yet they keep on going, seems very impressive...

  3. Blogging is fairly far down my (and probably other people's) priority list, and life and other distractions can get in the way. And that does lead to less commenting after reading, though the reading does still happen.

    1. In a way, a lot of other people I know also have other things in life that leads them away from what they used to do - blogging-wise and others. We're getting busier I suppose

  4. Sometimes I wonder what the bloggers that left are doing now.

    You and Jerry more or less have the reasons spot on though.

    1. Yeah, me too. Especially since I only know some of them here, with not much idea of where they spend the rest of their online time...