Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Those backlogs...

I checked around my drafts here at blogger, and at present, there are twenty two posts being drafted, with the oldest one going back to October 2010.

Some of the posts are merely random rants and rambling which were written to kill time, while a portion of them I had no mood to publish them later (no matter how well thought they were) as I had ran out of the drive to go through the subjects.

Do you have as much backlogs, or do you delete them if they're sitting in there for too long? Or do you post them as they are? - i.e. you don't keep the ideas from being 'fermented' as it is

(yeah, I don't really have much to write about lately)


  1. I've never really written a post and then saved it as a draft. Either I post it straight away or I decide it's shit and delete it straight away.

  2. If I get myself to actually write it down, I usually also post it, unless I intend to finish it the next day and post it then.