Sunday, March 11, 2012

Facebook is WEAK! (and bomber grape is BEST!)

Hohoho look Zuckerberg - everyone is SPINNINGS!

Things on FB which I think are WEAK!

Attention seeking

Ego boosting

Random obscure posts that are out to get attentions (same with #1, but more specific)

Disgusting pictures shared from the 'net

Hey-now-I-made-you-a-stalker-even-without-you-wanting-to status

Copypasta-ing stuff - just because everyone is doing it!

Pointless fights - or becoming 'enemies' (which aren't taken outside in real life, WEAK!)

Self righteous posts (I'm right and you're wrong! - usually politics or religious topics)




Nanananananananananana Fagbook!


  1. This is why I don't use Facebook.

  2. When you put it like that, there don't seem to be a lot of reasons to still use it. I wish other people didn't use it exclusively for organising things, I hate having an account and wish I could delete it. Never doing anything with it is the next best thing though I guess.