Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A 9-5 life in Gombak: The wait

Currently I'm working part-time at a consulting agency for engineering geology while I awaits for some progress on my Master application. Things are going pretty well, but it's been so long since when I first applied that I've somewhat lost the momentum in terms of researching.

Going through literatures and papers is in order, it seems, to get the flame flickering again, like.

I planned on writing some recollection of how things have been going so far, but decided to post some pictures off my working and living space instead. Yes, I was lucky that the office had one room in which previous employee had used as a temporary residential space in the past.

My working space. This is during a weekend, so it's not as cluttered as it is on normal days.

The view from where I sit almost all day long, working on whatever the clients wanted us to produce.

The room in question. Not exactly big, but it serves its purpose. Also, dat Patchy.

Some stuff

The adjoining section of the room. Yup, the room is pretty much L-shaped.

A cat that roams around outside the office. He's a bit crazy...

...I actually got bitten for no reason just now. Love hurts :C

Just now I realize how the position of the office is in relationship to other landmarks:

Batu Caves in the west...

Klang Gates Quartz in the north and east...

...and Kuala Lumpur in the south.

So we have two main geological features surrounding the front of the office, with the ever busy city at the back. To take it symbolically, it shows how I am ever close to the subject, while the big city is there, beckoning me to return one of these days...

Anyway, the place is somewhat rather boring during the weekends that I practically go out for every single weekend. Either that, or I activate my hikki mode and stay in the small section of the office, all day long. Ah, I've never loved weekends more than this...

In the meantime, have some Maiden:

Ah, seems like I've been getting lazier to come up with meatier posts. I actually have a lot of stuff in the blog's backlog that I wanted to put up, and yet they somewhat stopped midway. Perhaps I should start digging them up, since I don't have much ideas lately for a (proper) post...

How is everyone else doing?


  1. A fascinating glimpse into working life. Thank you for sharing your photographs. Insane Kitty is kawaii.

    >To take it symbolically, it shows how I am ever close to the subject, while the big city is there, beckoning me to return one of these days...

    Gosh, man, I love your way of thinking. That is eerily symbolic. IT'S LIKE YOU'RE WITHIN A NOVEL.

    >How is everyone else doing?

    Mehhh.. Can't complain, I guess.

  2. @Nevah: Haha, I like to pretend I'm more sophisticated than I am really is lol. Funny how I've been working for over a month before I realize this curious alignment...