Monday, October 10, 2011

And 2 weeks later...

The previous series of events that took place in the past 2 week would have normally prompted a blog post or two... but well, laziness and procrastination are my middle names after all...


To put it all shortly, I went to a fieldwork last week. Immediately after that was a meetup with the people from the last event I've been to... and then right on the day after was my convocation. The convocation was all right - not to say that I'm not thrilled, but I've got other things that is keeping my mind occupied.

Not to imply I'm still plagued with the worries as voiced out in the last post though; it's just that I'm looking forward to some series of events in the future. Either that, or I've turned into a serious pak cik (uncle) who is hard to excite, heh.

I actually refrained from using a Reimu picture, hah!

Also, it seems recently a lot of people that I know (even ones irl) are lamenting about how we're all slaves to 9 to 5 program, working like hell for the paper gods (I'm exaggerating of course, but you get the idea). Being in a working environment only recently - I've yet to proceed into my Master level study - I've come to realize more on more on this inescapable fact. But it's not as if you can do much about it, can you?

Unless of course, you're thinking of Fight Club and Tyler Durden and all... but that's a different story.

I've started thinking about where this blog have been heading since the start, and if I should go ahead and stick to a certain format, posting only so and so... but I figured that won't give me too much room to play around with different topics and themes, innit?

Anyway, I have another place for random writings now. Have a look at it, alright?

Also, I'm surprised not that many people are making noise about Moe Day, as compared to, say, The Strongest Day. Ah well, have a Kogasa while we're at it:

Until next time~


  1. >I'm exaggerating of course

    I don't think so.

    >But it's not as if you can do much about it, can you?

    Project Mayhem.

    >Anyway, I have another place for random writings now.

    Awesome. Following.

    Convocations sound scary.

  2. @Nevah: The day when Project Mayhem comes true is when we have achieved collective enlightenment... or something like that (whatever I'm talking about anyway...)

    Awesome man. I won't be doing much commenting on that site tho (it's more of a write-as-I-want place). Just a head up.

  3. >slaves to 9 to 5 program


    >I have another place for random writings now.

    Seems like a lot of us are splitting into second blogs lately.

    >when in doubt just spam your post with nice pictures

    I do this so often.

  4. @Tigoris: Mm yeah, so as... we have a second place for bitchin' and ranting and stuff? (wait, isn't that what I usually do here anyway...)

    Pictures are nice. Always.

  5. >laziness and procrastination

    That feel, I know it well.

    Everyone does seem to be getting second blogs lately. I'll take a look at it.

  6. @serenity: mm yeah, seems like it. And suddenly I feel like I'm jumping on some sort of bandwagon or something ahah...