Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An awesome weekend, and a new chapter begins

I'm writing this as my old sleeping very late tendency creeps back. Yay for the internet~

The writing on the wall #1

Last weekend was the time where spend with like-minded people, where not a single care was given to people who just don't get it. it's not a revolution. I am of course talking about one of our local anime convention, Animangaki (one where I went to last year), which I had made a pitstop on my way to the university (I'm very opportunistic ain't I?). Unfortunately, I didn't take as many pictures this time around - I was a part of the event's volunteers - but I thought that this year was more exciting, seeing as I went lone wolf last time (I guess I'm not too shabby with people after all). We were manning a Touhou section, and the visitors coming in were pretty encouraging.

Some pictures off the event are as such (in which almost all are more or less taken by this one guy, Daus - thanks for taking the pictures man):

Some dudes watching PoFV

Them figures

Them plushies

Uh... Yukkuri shinne?

One of the few local Touhou arrangement, Shin at work

Hisoutensoku players

A view off the hall, Day 2

I think you know whozzat. So come on, take a guess why (or if you have a good idea already, who).

Just the reading off some rules before the Hisoutensoku match. Pretty entertaining.

Wriggle begs to be bullied ain't he?

The writing on the wall #2

Loots off the event. Light novel, audio CD, badge - these are local brew, yes!

It was tiring afterwards. Tiring, but awesome. In any case, we also had one day to recover our post-event blues. Some of us even got some irate lectures (classes? what are these classes you speak of....?) and employers (oh... shop's not opened yet?) to testify to it.

Thanks guys for making it an awesome weekend (plus one day off the weekdays, ahahah). Now, I'm really looking forward come this December...

And as for me right now? After the long (well, not really) break for about 2 month, it is time for me to jump back into academic life, continuing my higher education Master level (by research). It's a new chapter in my life, with all the uncertainty and impending pressure and expectations... and MY BODY IS READY.

A Patchy is I, in all but the name. And cuteness (pfttttt)


  1. Reminds me, someone I knew on the internet before wanted me to come to some convetion a year or two ago. I sure am glad I didn't go. Maybe I shouldn't say anything since I've never been to one, but most conventions around here just seems to be Naruto/Bleach/internet joke circle jerks. And going from what I've heard and seen I guess it's true. (Not that that matters, everything I like has horrible fans that I'd rather not meet, as well, heh.)

    >After the long (well, not really) break for about 2 month

    It can't have been two months already? Time flies. Anyway, good luck with the academic stuff.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Nice photographs! :3

    Those plushies are adorable.

    Good luck with your academics. Knock 'em dead, Faults.

  3. @Link: Yeah, IMHO cons are like that. Without much (or any) people you could connect with throughout the event, it can get pretty boring quickly enough.

    And the time passed so fast that I didn't even notice it as well. Thanks tho!

    @Nevah: They are (to both comments, ahahah)

    Thanks man. I'll show them who's the boss, yeah!