Monday, August 1, 2011

Mandatory Ramadhan post (2011 ver) / How am I blogging?

As with last year, I'll just write this post to dedicate to the fasting month of the Muslim calendar.

Yuyuko is not happy about it

Honestly I'm not going to jump into the whole I-am-religious-on-this-month bandwagon that apparently a lot of people are riding into. But if they're very much serious on turning over a new leaf, then good for them.

As for me... ahh, who am I going to kid about being religious. What I figured I'll do is, I'll use this chance to do something about my fiery temper/depression/panic - you know, since a hungry stomach makes a... calmer man?

Or maybe the other way around for some, heh.

Let's cool it, bro

I was browsing through some of my older posts and noticed one worrying trend: it is the fact that I write best when it comes to those rants/angry/depression posts. Sometimes a bit too 'good' for those kind of posts even (who the heck beats around the bushes instead of saying 'fike these worthless living creatures!').

But on the bright side, they let me to unwind myself and write something (even though the subject in question is myself - narcissistic much?). I might have strayed far from the original reason this blog was created - that is, a quasi-academical and analytical tool for the various events around me - but paradoxically, it has become a place where I can write something personal and YET connect with other like minded people.

Ah, I'd like to write these few things which are on my mind right now...

So yes, in case those certain people are reading this - I miss reading through some of the blogs. Whatever happened to Kirari and Chiyo's Dad blog? And for the other citizens of blogosphere who are still standing and going steady - how have your blog changes since its inception? Is the drive still there?

In any case, I'll be rather preoccupied for the next one month. Until then...

Take it easy everyone~


  1. >Is the drive still there?

    Sort of. I usually have something I can use as a topic, but I don't get around to writing it anytime soon.

    I miss the inactive blogs too, but I suppose it can't be helped.

  2. >Or maybe the other way around for some, heh.

    Like me.

    >Is the drive still there?

    Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. I was actually going to give up blogging after a month or so, but I'm still here after almost a year. And the biggest change has to be that I post less frequently and whine more now. Heck, whining is the only thing I do nowadays.

  3. @Cpt: Yea, I know that feeling. I have even some backlog in the blog draft that has been sitting for a couple of months, huh.

    @Link: Yeah, I guess when all has been said, then it'll inevitably leads to story-of-my-life posts isn't it?

  4. I made my blog with the intention of anime, games and some creative content(crappy drawings) and not many guys in the group did that.

    >Is the drive still there?
    I just made a blog about that, I'm not feeling it yet.

  5. I think they are both taking breaks. Still hear from Kirari from time to time, so definitely not gone completely.

    My main blog started out as sort of a fun way to write stuff and waste time. It's actually changed to become even more serious about helping people learn Japanese, although I can't say it's necessarily become more successful at it.

    The drive is definitely there, and has even led me to spawn another blog just to contain all of the other stuff I want to write about.

  6. @MixedNuts: Aha, just take it easy there

    @Tigoris: Kirari's still around huh? Guess I haven't been lurking around other blogs too much now.

    Well, I'm not too serious about learning Japanese, but some of the methods highlighted in your blog are quite enlightening.