Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bare necessities

Paradoxically, staying at home lately have made me to stay away more from the internet - solitude at its best innit?

Another strange paradox is how I don't spend as much time on some other equally time-consuming past time (read: internet lurking and animu watching). And what did I make out of all this? It made me ponder on certain aspects in which some people simply can't live with - some more severe once they experience withdrawal from these, some not so.

You know the usual list - sleep (as a past time activity), music, video games, internet, and... 'Fixed Action Patterns'. Food, drink, clothes, and shelter doesn't count - since these are the basic of the basic necessities as we know it.

And my lists? Without any particular order, they are:

1) Music

No music, no life. Period. With that being said, it gets pretty dreary when I'm stuck in a place heavens knows where, without the presence of my laptop (I don't have any MP3 players and the like). Solution? Out of tune (imaginary) instruments and off key vocals a-go.

Remind yourself to spare some earplugs when you're stuck with me up in the wilderness with no form of music player. Seriously.

2) Book

I'm a selective reader (you'd be surprised at how specific the selection of my books), but if I don't have contact with a book (or two) to read for a while, I'll go restless. On a particularly boring and uneventful day, I could even pick up some so-so book and kill my time reading them. Can't say I have it in me to finish them tho (sorry Dickens, but your story is so sloooow).

3) A place to jolt down my thoughts

I never fancied myself a writer, but every now and then I need a place to just write down what crosses the mind (as seen from the creation of this blog). Whether it is just some casual observation, some analysis, or just something which just screams out 'Fuck You' (thanks be to the heavens I don't actually post on the whim), it comes as being quite habitual.

And if I could connect with similar minded person through the on-the-go ramblings... well, that's pretty good and everything, don't you think so?

Surprisingly, the internet doesn't make it in the list; it'd be a different case if it was, say... five to three years ago, when internet was not merely a luxury, but a necessity to me. Guess that's what life can do to you, eh?

What are your bare necessities?


  1. >Out of tune (imaginary) instruments and off key vocals a-go.

    I would pay to see a live performance.

    >I need a place to just write down what crosses the mind

    Ditto. Write write WRITE.

    >What are your bare necessities?

    Music. The internet. My stuffed doggie.

  2. Only thing I can think of as a necessity is books. I learned a second language just to get more of them, so I'd say that's a big indicator of their importance.

  3. I've also stayed away from the internet, I don't even like it anymore.

    >What are your bare necessities?

    Music, can't live without it. I also enjoy silence sometimes. And books, even though I haven't read much at all lately. I like all kinds of books, fiction, non-fiction, manga, artbooks and magazines as well.

    Maybe my collections of CDs, games and figures. And sleep and coffee/tea too, but I don't know if those counts.

    And as much as I like to play video games and watch anime, I wouldn't call them necessities. Before though, video games were my only real necessity.

    >Out of tune (imaginary) instruments and off key vocals a-go.

    I too would pay for a live performance.

  4. @Chiyo's Dad: Hahah, well it sure ain't gonna be a big state performance if it's that.

    And what happened to your blog, man? I missed your writing...

    @Tigoris: Pretty good motivation there for picking up the language. 's good.

    @Link: Yeah, some people on the internet...

    I'm not sure if I like the idea of pure silence. Not the serene calm silence, but the lonely kind of silence (I wonder if that makes sense)

  5. @Faults: I felt compelled to delete it, because I simply felt like an entirely different person from the one who made those posts (you might think that's a dumb reason..). Do not fear. I'll start up another one eventually ^^

  6. @Chiyo's Dad: Ah, I see. Well, I'll be waiting warmly for it then =)