Friday, June 17, 2011

like a plate tectonic is one years old!

And, just like my birthday post way back, I post this one later than the original date as well.

After inception from 16th June 2010 - starting as what originally is going to be quasi-academical plus everything else besides that - the blog slowly drifted apart through several topics, where it now settles down to cover mostly Touhou, anime, music, (mostly) random rants and everything else besides that. Guess nothing much have changed during that time huh?

So as this won't be a short 'I just made a random post lolololol' I'll explain where I came up with the current internet username (which is admittedly long, and doesn't make sense).

Anyone who know me well may (or may not) know that I'm a sucker for puns. So while I was figuring out what to put as my username for this blog, two things came into mind: 1) faults, which is one of the many geological structure, and 2) Fujiwara no Mokou (which was - and still - my favourite Touhou character at that time).

And as I tried to link those two, I thought, 'hey, those 'faults' are not as 'faulty' as their name suggests... now that's an idea...'

Mokou is not amused

Yeap, that was lame wasn't it?

Anyway, since I don't think I'll be posting anything for a while, I'll open the comment section for any questions/comment for the blogs/any random words that is related to this blog. Want me to write anything in particular for the next posts? Think there's something in the blog that needs modification? Or just wanted to ask any random question about me, but never have the chance?

Post them up down there in the comment section~


  1. congratulations on the 1st year, mate. And onwards to the next. =D

  2. Celebrations are in order. Here's to one glorious year.

    >I thought, 'hey, those 'faults' are not as 'faulty' as their name suggests... now that's an idea...'

    THE ORIGIN IS REVEALED. That's clever.

    >Or just wanted to ask any random question about me, but never have the chance?

    I've hit a mental blank and can't think of any ;~;

  3. I never thought about names, I was just like "yeah" and then new account.

    congratulations on your firstest year of bloggings.

  4. Congratulations for hitting the one year mark! I'm not very good at coming up with random questions though, I'm afraid.

  5. Thanks guys!

    @Chiyo's Dad: Nah, it's a pretty much on the spot thing I came up with. I guess people who aren't into puns would have said 'wat'.

    Haha, well if you felt like asking anything, just hit up in the comment section later. It'll take a while for me to get the next posts...

    @Ningen: I pretty much stick with one online name for forum usernames, but I felt like doing something different for this blog.

    @serenity: well, if you feel like asking anything random, just post them up here, and I'll answer them.

  6. Congratulations on the one year anniversary. In a few months my blog turns one as well, and I still haven't posted any real content. ;_;

    I'm not good at names at all. I just took the name of the Zelda series main guy many years ago, and since then I've stuck to it. It was either that or Mario, really original.

    >ask any random question

    Is there any way to block spammers in the shoutbox?
    Have you ever had any uncreative internet names or one of those "xXelite_sniper_killer_gamer666Xx" ones?
    I can't think of any better questions at the moment.

  7. @Link: I have some pretty so-so internet names too; now I might post it sometime later...

    As for the questions:
    I don't think so; the only best thing you could do is to delete them using the shoutbox website, I guess.
    Hmm, I dunno. I used this one pretty generic nickname a few years ago for some forums, but never stooped low to the kind that you gave haha.

    @Haydn: Taking it easy~

  8. Throwing another stone.
    Great blog dude, nice posts.