Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Never judge a photographer by his gear...

'cause you'd be surprised at how that pretty so-so camera could take such great pictures. Sure that DSLRs are on the higher end compared to the compacts, but sometimes...

you get very good photos such as these, and just when you were going to say, "oh, I wonder which camera model the photographer uses", you freeze.

Because the camera is actually a camera phone. A Nokia N8, to be exact.

Dat smartphone

Not only that, but the video recording is pretty good too. HD - heck, even my trusty S700 couldn't record videos at that level.

Of course, the photographers also uses a Canon EOS 60D too, so you know that he's not just someone who just take pictures with his phone.

So, I guess the moral of the story is this: don't diss that other guy besides you who is taking pictures with a camera phone. Because, who knows, he might produce some pretty darn good photos.

(P/S: I would put a better picture of his work, but most of his stuff is at flickr, so... there you go):

Youtube account

Well, time to buckle up and work on improving my photography skills a bit.


  1. >don't diss that other guy besides you who is taking pictures with a camera phone.

    That's right. I've used both DSLRs and good compact ones in the past, and my pictures looked nothing like these. All blurry and shitty.

  2. My pictures are often blurry too, maybe I have to practice a lot

  3. @Link: Ah, so you've tried using both DSLR and compact before huh? Sounds like you're set to have a camera on your own!

    @Woodlouse: Mine are pretty much the same too, tho I don't usually post them up online, naturally (not that I take that many pic in the first place anyway...)