Friday, October 3, 2014

[Weekly drawing assignment] Week 10 & Week 11

Right, I'm a bit behind schedule for last week... but yes, I plan to make this a mainstay at the blog now. Do stick around as I scribble my way through my journey to improve my chops at drawing! (or well, it makes a good habit in getting me to draw more, yeah?)

Week 10: Lady (K)Gaga. This was when one of my friend pointed out the katakana for 'ka' and 'ga' are almost similar (か and が) in Kaga's kanji, so...

Week 11: I was going to draw Fusou and Yamashiro, but somewhat gotten around to draw Maruyu being fattened up for eidiladha... err, I mean, modernization! 'cos you know, it's better to get that 1.6 luck stat increase as opposed to just 1.2!

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