Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Comic Fiesta 2014

Post-CF post, summed up in comic form to stay true to the 'comic' part of the event hehe.

If I were to sum up Comic Fiesta in one word, reconciliation would be the word. Because I really love both aspect of cosplaying and doujin art, even if I might be making a bit of noise on the former haha. I honestly want to approach cosplaying like a 'proper' art, and would like for doujin comics to have wider appeal.

Probably this CF is the most personal for me, almost similar to 2010 (first trip) one, and I did spend more on the 'comic' part for this time. Feel a bit bad for neglecting the usual cosplay dudes and dudettes, but I'll let you know that I'm still very much into cosplaying as I am into drawing. Thank you to both the doujin artist, cosplayers, and everyone else who made the event worth it for my side. Cheers.

I manage to have some good discussion on one of the person that influenced me in drawing again, it feels great to show my stuff and get a bit of feedback and encouragement. 

Thanks Max, it's been great to be able to meet you again!

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