Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekly drawing assignment

Not long ago, a couple of people and I decided that we should get a drawing group to boost our motivation to keep drawing (and improving at our art), and we have decided that we should assign ourselves to put out at least one drawing per week for others to see.

What they said.

As I have not been on social media (read: FB) much, I still very much keep the... assignment going, and I guess it's about time I put up what I have produced so far:

Week 1: It was Eidil Fitri, hence the rendang being there. Was also somewhat trying to emulate the feel of Yoshitoshi Abe's style here. 

Week 2: I was on a nostalgia trip with Pokemon (TCG) at this time. Tried my hand at drawing kneeling pose there. 

Week 4: KanColle's AL/MI event during this time. Tried to do a bird eye's view here, but it didn't really turn out well. Can't remember why I din't put up anything for Week 3, but I suspect it was because of Animangaki at that time. 

Week 5/6: Someone mentioned Unryuu's design seems rather Jojo-ish, and even though I'm not well into the series, I try to emulate Hirohiko Araki (eyes and lips, can't really put out those dynamic poses man...). Oh, Snoop Dogg? Think of him as Unryuu's Stand... 

Week 6: Finally decided to actually get to draw music instrument, and I started with the one instrument that I had firstly had serious intention of learning (not the guitar, believe it or not). This made me realize that I don't draw male characters that much, something which I would get to in subsequent drawings. (Song playing: Red Hot Chili Pepper's Can't Stop)

Week 7: This was not actually the first time I drew her with a guitar (check out the one I did back in 2010). (Song playing: Joe Satriani's Cool #9) 

 Week 8: To finish the theme of music instrument, I decided to go with Sentarou off Sakamichi no Apollon. It's a good series on jazz music. At least I break off from the bulk of drawing girls with this piece hehehe.

Week 9: I had always claimed that if I ever attempted profile drawing, I'd die miserably. Thus, I steeled myself and went ahead with asthmatic Pache (because I'm a sadist at that; I kinda get it now how some artists are quite sadistic with drawing of characters... but I digress). Also, I think this is the first time I actually utilized all the different pen size I have (and also the fact that I scanned and cleaned up the lines before posting the weekly drawings).

I hope to keep this going for future posts- of course, that would mean the weekly drawing would be a staple for me now.

At the very least, I'll have something to show for my time spent, and it'll keep some activities going on this blog mm?

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