Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Positive minded

We need more positive minded people.

Of course, when I said that I meant to seperate from the naive overly optimistic ones. There is a fine line between being a realist and a cynic, and those line might have overlapped without us being able to differentiate where it is.

The ones who have assessed reality for what it is, and act accordingly to the situation - making the best out of what they have - they are the ones who are most commendable. And as much as negativity is easily passed on to others, so are positivity (the non fake and naive ones). But unfortunately, the way I see it it's these negativities and fake optimism which are being spread around - and the second type I view it as further causing a positive feedback on the negativity: when they are told how they should act, how 'wrong' they are, on how they should follow the norm to happiness.

But what is happiness anyway? It's very subjective. And I'm thinking on how we're lacking on people who are positive minded, being drown out by the voices of negativities.

Maybe someday we will realize that we don't need to tell all the bad things that we feel just to make us feel better; to validate our own existence, as some might feel; without realizing we're running a vicious cycle where all this negativity keeps on getting bigger and bigger.


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