Friday, May 10, 2013

Moment of epiphany

Another update on my Master study level, eh? Because that's where I spend most of my time and effort right now (as it should be).

After a long period of procrastination and stalling, I've finally done the presentation seminar for my research progress this morning. And it was... very disappointing, to say it in better words.

But what was interesting was the whole event which leads up to this morning:

2 days prior, I've had a frank talk with my supervisor on how my research is progressing. A few points were given, and it was agreed that I need to go out and get something done: something tangible, something feasible to boost my confidence and morale to keep my research going. It did raise my morale there and then - but it just get better.

Yesterday morning, in my effort to rush and finish designing the slides for the presentation, I've encountered a long time college senior - one who you could say have pretty much instill my interest in pursuing a line in academia. We had a short talk on researching in general, on where do we go from here; on how we should rise up to the challenge and not stop halfway; on how we could use our position in contributing for the society - well, you know those kind of academician talks hahaha.

All this, coupled with sleep deprivation, with the final piece being some critical advices and suggestions from my supervisors - I could only say it was a moment of epiphany. After a long time of just slaving away with no real intention, I find the road to academia to be much well illuminated now.

The next thing to do, of course, is to take action and translate all the ideas into something workable. And I won't stop until I've achieved it. For this is the road not taken, and seeing as I've chosen to walk upon it, I'll see to it that I make it until the end.

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