Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(Obligatory) New year post (2013 ver)

Another year passed, and it's high time I produce another blog post eay?

I won't make a resolution on making more posts for the year tho

Slight trivia: I was born in the year of the snake

After I looked back through my (rather meager) posts, thinking of what I've planned and what I've said and saw throughout the years, I can say that life really follows a cycle rather than a simple linear story... well, all that talk about life is like a wheel? It's true, man.

...I have no idea what I meant by that, really.

The year has been rather slow for me, to be honest. As some of you might be aware, I've been enrolling in the Master program early this year, and after that... things has been going rather slowly. Not to say that the days didn't passed by in the blink of eye, mind - I was talking more on how much I've achieved in those periods.

There is however a surge of activity in regards to my research very near the end of the year. I'm expecting 2013 to be a rather busy year for me. I've already have some site visits to carry out early of the year... I hope I can finish the bulk of them by February.

Also this year, most of my former coursemates have finished their studies (for the ones who did Master earlier than me, and the ones that have to extend their degree year). It's just another phase for us to move on - I'm still studying (lets pursue the field of academia yo!), and for them, is to settle into working life. As such, it's rife for me to expand my horizon and explore more.

Under the realization that I'm not getting any younger.

I don't really have any specific resolution for new years really - I like to set targets and goals on a daily basis (or at least when the needs arise). There are a few skills I'd like to pick up, and maybe learning of some new knowledge - I'm thinking of picking up some new languages, for the purpose of understanding, and for one specific language, for the purpose of communication. I want to challenge myself. I want to get better at what I do, and I wish I can be light on assisting others on that.

But. In the long term, what I really wanted is to be rid of ego (I've seen too much shit going down because of this); I just want to not be burdened with unnecessary things. I remind myself I've made it so far with the help of others. I try to be content with life. I try, man.

As with any time of the year (or any time), I'll be sharing this to everyone out there who's trying to get by through life:

Anyone remember those pictures I posted on the start of year posts? Well hey, looks like I'm getting better at keeping up with that resolution (?).

So, pictures for the year:

Ah yes, anyone checked out the Demetori's arrangement of Heartfelt Fancy yet? Really takes me back to their heyday of progressive rock, yes. Fantastic.

I'm looping to this song for the night yeaahhhhhhhhh

Oh, and a haiku while we're at it:

It's two o' one three
'tis the year to be busy 
I shall challenge thee!

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