Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter anime

Truthfully, I don't really catch anime during their time of airing - I prefer to lump them all together and marathon them in one go - and have only started to watch them episodes by episodes since last season. And when I do, I go for really small numbers (I only watched 6 series last season - and not all of them I have finished watching lolol)

For this season, I've only picked up these series so far:
Hourou Musuko
Level E

Gosick and Fractale are the two series that really piqued up my interest.

I didn't really get Hourou Musuko as I'm watching it - I heard they skip some part of the manga - but the theme, I can relate quite well (uh did you think I was implying that I was like Nitori at one point? well who knows...).

Level E... I dunno why, but I'm thinking of Arakawa Under the Bridge for some weird reason. I didn't think I've watched any series featuring aliens since NieA_7.

Wolverine is there because I feel like watching some good ol manly action anime, heh. Compared to last season's Iron Man, I think I'll catch the upcoming episodes.

What are the animes you have watched out of the list atm?


  1. The only one I plan to pick up is Gosick, which I'll do sooner or later. Apart from that one, this season doesn't look too interesting.

  2. I plan to watch a lot of those when they finish airing for the same reason you used to. Marathoning helps me enjoy it more. They only one I'm somewhat interested in is Dragon Crisis.

  3. >I prefer to lump them all together and marathon them in one go.


    I'm not going to be following anything this season ;_; I still have series sitting over that aired last year. I'll probably get Kimi ni Todoke once I watch the first season though.

    Gosick looks really interesting now that you mention it..

  4. I usually at least try one episode of everything that seems slightly interesting to me. Sometimes it will be pleasantly surprising.

  5. Currently watching Kimi ni Todoke 2, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?, GoSick, and Madoka.