Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year of the rabbit!

Even tho technically, it'll only be so in next month (the Chinese new year, I mean)

So... I'm now currently back in Shah Alam, ready to return to my college by tomorrow. I haven't done much since then - I'm planning to clear a bit of my backlog, as well as playing some Touhou games (I've neglected them in the last couple of days, shame on me)

Speaking of Touhou, I've filled up the quiz at this site, which was mentioned in this post.

And the result was rather surprising: I've tried it for several times, and I got different results each time. Here's the result of the last test I did (I ran the test for about 3-4 times):

1 Fujiwara no Mokou
2 Suika Ibuki
3 Kimo-Keine
4 Remilia Scarlet
5 Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
6 Patchouli Knowledge
7 Eirin Yagokoro
8 Kogasa Tatara
9 Byakuren Hijiri
10 Flandre Scarlet
11 Kanako Yasaka
12 Yukari Yakumo
13 Keine Kamishirasawa
14 Chen
15 Parsee Mizuhashi
16 Aya Shameimaru
17 Marisa Kirisame
18 Satori Komeiji
19 Nazrin
20 Nue Houjuu

The first few ones are rather constant, with a difference of 1-3 positions. I'm rather surprised that Patchy was not at a higher position. Hmm...

By the way, I found out my 2010 new year's resolution, which was posted here. Looking back, I could say that most of them were not fulfilled, ehehe.

As for this year's resolution, I guess it'd be:
-To break previous years' resolutions which were still unresolved
-Graduate my geology course (hopefully with flying colours)
-Find a job to get some monies for my hobbies (I bet you can guess what they are, can't you?)

Also, I have this one not-small-but-not-that-big plan for 2011, which is still in a very vague state. I won't say anything more about it, so I'll leave this two pictures and let you guys figure out what they could mean:

Maybe the plan will go on, maybe it won't...

Also, an extra pic for the new year:


  1. happy new year

    some nic epics you have there

  2. I think the site starts to become sloppy with the list after it figures out who to use for the first ten.

    Happy New Years~

  3. You're planning on passing judgment on those you're jealous of?

  4. Happy new year. I'm sure you'll definitely graduate with flying colors, and they will erect a solid-gold statue of you in commemoration.

    >Find a job to get some monies for my hobbies.

    I should do this too, but I'm so nervous ;_;

    I tried the Touhou quiz but gave up after choosing 'both are unknown to me' for the first twenty questions. I am ashamed..

  5. @Djoni: Thanks man. Happy new year to you too!

    @Cap'n: Hmm that may be so. The character below the first ten is rather constant tho, although they were a few that I didn't really expect to end up there (or lack of them thereof).

    Happy new years!

    @Kirari: Funny thing is I have that in mind not that long ago when I saw my exam's result. 'course, the actual plan is something else haha

    @Chiyo's Dad: Aww man, you're exaggerating =P

    Don't worry about being nervous, that's what I'm feeling as well. But if pushed towards the corner, I'm sure we can do it... right?

  6. oh hey, hi there ^^ another touhou fan XD so you in uitm Shah alam? me too, but in intec

  7. @ZoiDieCT: What's up Touhou fan =D

    Nah, I'm currently studying at UM, tho I have a house in Shah Alam. Pleasure to meet ya!

  8. Happy new year. da ze.

    And to think that I've drawn Reisen and didn't know that it was the year of the rabbits... I lol at myself. XD

  9. Happy new year to you as well.

    >You're planning on passing judgment on those you're jealous of?

    I can't think of anything else than that.

  10. @bd77: Happy new year to you too!

    You have a nice blog btw C:

    @Link: Haha I've never thought of it that way until Kirari wrote that. I might just turn that into a real plan =P

    In case anyone else is wondering, the so called plan involving Parsee and Shikieiki is a part of my hobby. I might write further details when I established something on that. Till then, peace out!

  11. Thanks. =D

    P.s. I'm from Kuantan and also, like you, I also betrayed my national language. XD

  12. >But if pushed towards the corner, I'm sure we can do it... right?

    I suppose you're right :3
    A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal.

  13. @bd77: Yay for preferring Bahasa Penjajah over Bahasa Kebangsaan XP

    @Chiyo's Dad: Yeah, that's the spirit!