Sunday, August 17, 2014

Animangaki 2014: Scroll of Phantasm, and some other rambling

A long overdue post, but I feel like just giving some thoughts over the event and a little bit on the Touhou Project fanbase:

As it has been since its first inception in 2011, Animangaki see the continuous participation of the Touhou section this year. Officially I am not involved in part of the committee for this year, although I have participated as a staff for Scroll of Phantasm, the first time ever massive collaboration between local and oversea doujin artists.

After our little experiment on collaborative artbook under the moniker of Tauhu [P]rojak, this project is truly phenomenal. Personally I have always felt that collaboration between doujin artists (in whatever media) is rather important in keeping things interesting for the fandom.

Now, speaking of fandom.... A lot of people have talked of how Touhou fandom should never forget its root as a bullet hell game, and looking at how those are making an appearance this year (as a score run tournament), one can see just how engaging these games are. Say what you will about the hard as hell difficulty of the games, but there's a certain charm to all those bullet patterns which can really pull people in.

Think back on the moment most of us tried our hands at the games, and I'm sure you know what I mean there.

I have sort of jump the ship (both figurative and literally) lately (to KanColle, y'know), but there's no beating the type of dedication shown by the Touhou fanbase here. I have yet to find other fanbase which both the original material is interesting to keep you hooked for long, and the fanbase could get around and plan things systematically.

Granted, there's ever a big need of improving both event-wise and involvement in the fanbase around here, but I don't we're gonna be fading out anytime soon. I'll certainly be around to see where will we go from here.

Thank you to everyone involved in the Scroll of Phantasm project, the committee member of the Touhou section, and everyone else who have made the whole thing possible.

...Well now, let just finish the post with one random (admittedly non Touhou) incident that took place during the event:
True story

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