Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why I view Facebook as a big waste of time

The reason why I decided to really cut down on Facebook recently is because I realize how it is a big waste of my time.

Because truthfully, I realize that most people would really put up contents there more for the socializing aspect (which is why they call it social media in the first place, innit?). It's a really vicious cycle: any content we put up (post, picture, events) would inevitably get some sort of recognition (comments, like, share) which could really get to your head in terms of instant gratification.

And the fact that it is much more longer lasting and easier to access compared to, say, Twitter - which is more of a real time communication rather than the long lasting one on Facebook... but I'm getting ahead of myself here - means whatever stupidity you've mindlessly put up are going to be there to state back at you.

I'm not saying it's inherently bad - it's just that I personally have some issue with how people use the site. I view it as a big waste of time for us - especially if we're out to get some kind of 'recognition', whatever form it is. I'm specifically referring to those who abuse the media to drone on and on purely out of attention grabbing. It is completely understandable for young people, but when you have other priorities with life - well you don't have time to put up with those, man.

And that is the keyword to really explain why I decided that it's a waste of time: that I have other priorities in life to be bogged down with those things. And that, really applies to others who would decide to cut their time off social media. It might seem unthinkable to those who spend their time exclusively at the site, but that's okay. Everyone have different priority, right? And if they decide to spend most of their time there, then that is their choice for them to deal with the consequences.

I'd have to say, for me one aspect about the site that I'm alright with is how easy it is to connect with others - seeing as practically everyone uses it. It is convenient, put it that way.The problem is when you're overwhelmed by the most mundane and even downright annoying rambling and rants from some people who truthfully, you don't really care about.

So of course we have the choice to either completely cut down our 'friends' list (another misgiving I have with the feature of the site), or you could just simply cut down your time spend there. Some people might think, 'what would I do without opening Facebook?', or 'how do I get myself out of Facebook?'

Simple: you just do it, and no excuse. Maybe one day we realize our lives doesn't have to seem so meaningless unless if we make itself known.


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