Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The biggest waste of our time

I had not too long ago made the claim that Facebook is the biggest waste of our time... until I realize it's not so much the social media itself, but it's our own self that make it as such.

I know a few people who have seemingly drop out of their usual circle of people, having their mind set on bigger things in life. Sure some of them are pretty antagonistic towards others, with some being quick to be described simply as being assholes. Their own behaviour is something that it is up to them to decide how it'll benefit or hurt them, but their decision to change is something that most have indeed failed to take notice.

And I see a lot of people having a false sense of self-worth online. It is as if they really show their shallowness and idiocy there, and it gets worse when they join up with like minded people. I find it funny how despite the various possibilities offered in expanding their minds and knowledge by connecting with the rest of the world, most seems to spiral downward into total mindlessness and foolishness, preferring to stick to their old mindset, being narrow minded, thinking they are that important to everyone else.

Which is why I can see how some of them decide to really distance themselves from some circle of people. Because really, as someone has put it - albeit in much direct and perhaps crude word - his job is not to please others. And it's true, really - why should we let ourselves be held back trying to be accepted by these imaginary circles of people which we created in our mind?

We should really learn to take control of our lives. And we can start doing that by trying to filter out all these noises - unnecessary as they are - that we get here on social media, Facebook inclusive. Because too many people are all just talk, or are just complaining, that you find it easy to dance around the same beat and go on complaining without any real action. There's just so much you can do through socializing, we forget that we have your whole life ahead of you.

And why are we acting as if our life resolve around these social media? Why is it that we would spend the bulk of our time 'socializing' that we forget the bigger thing: One day, we're going to die.

So it's puzzling why we have to waste so much time entertaining all those people who we don't really care.

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