Sunday, September 22, 2013

We are responsible for our life

It is tempting - and it does have a certain truth to it - how our environments play a big part in shaping who we are today.

Parents, family, upbringing... home and childhood. The education system: teachers and lecturers and peers. The working environment. Our government. Belief and philosophy. The masses. All certainly contribute in shaping the way we are today.

But does that make it a valid reason to blame them for who we are today? Because when you realize that you want to change - the moment you realize you should take control of your life: are you going to keep on holding on to these factors, these people and environment; or are you going to blame them for shaping the way you are today?

If people would laugh when you say 'you know, my mum taught me not to...', then why do I see people still putting the blame on, say, the parents for letting them become who they are today?

Too many people are too sentimental, emotional, and just lazy to accept the fact that they can change the way they are TODAY. What was done, was done - you certainly can't change that, so it's time to accept the things that happened and actually start doing something with your life.

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