Saturday, September 7, 2013

The ol' Malay mentality

Hasan memberi contoh semasa negara suatu masa dahulu mahu melaksanakan Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI), pelajar Melayulah yang ketinggalan dalam keputusan peperiksaaan terutamanya mereka yang tinggal di kawasan pedalaman.

Beliau menggesa kerajaan mengkaji semula dasar tersebut kerana Bahasa Inggeris bukanlah bahasa pertuturan majoriti kaum Melayu serta dasar tersebut, katanya, akan menghancurkan anak Melayu.

You know, there's this one old mentality among the Malays that I'm ashamed of: that of being in a comfort level. I suspect this stems back from post-Independence, when the government were giving out all those incentive in developing the less fortunate and the ones in the rural areas. But fast forward 50 years later, and we still seem to be in that comfort zone: that we will be left behind other races, that we should continue to be where we are, that we needed help from the government. That if we we to face challenge of the ever-changing world, we will lose out.

They say the Malay will lose out if the requirement to pass English in SPM were to be implemented. And you know why they have this kind of thinking? It's because of two things:

1) The education system quality in teaching the language is terrible

2) The mentality among some Malays that English is difficult, and how they're better off sticking with Bahasa Melayu

There's something terribly wrong here if we still have this kind of mentality. And it's worse when you get people like him who continue to perpetuate this mindset. It's been 50 plus years man; how long do you all plan to stay in your comfort zone?

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