Thursday, May 22, 2014

4 years of eating danmaku

Wow, it has been a while since we started with the whole series eh? Admittedly others were way into it much longer... but hey.

As has been with previous entries to commemorate the event, I owe it to CROW'SCLAW and a rather long dormant blog on instilling the interest for the series.

It began with these two

Anyone who has been sticking around for a while would have noticed my considerable shift to Kantai Collection recently (something clearly indicated by the previous entry on the said shift). Admittedly, this isn't something totally unique to y case, as several... well, you could say a lot of Touhou fans are recently dabbling with Kantai Collection.

Something which has prompted a sizeable amount of people to wonder just how long will the former last, compared to the long standing status of the former. But looking a little further back, it does seem it's almost inevitable to get the whole comparison between X series with Touhou, when the hype of said X series rival (or perhaps beat?) one set up by Touhou Project. Vocaloid has been in a close race with Touhou long time ago (and perhaps is still is?).

I'm seeing just a little bit of arrogance and elitism creeping among those who're well into Kantai Collection - something not altogether too strange, seeing as I've seen those very same behaviour exhibited by those very people when they were well into Touhou Project. Note to self: fandom is a pretty tricky and fickle subject. 

I've mentioned it earlier in the other post, how I don't feel the need to go into reasons why Kantai Collection would not live up to the - shall I use the word? - legacy set by Touhou Project (coupled with the occasional critique on the setting of the former, which is guaranteed to ruffle a dozen jimmies or two). Granted, as for myself I've been shipping about recently like there's no tomorrow, but Touhou will always have that special place in my heart (teehee).

I'm all for seeing some activities between the two series. Crossovers are pretty neat, y'know. 

You gotta have heart

...hey, speaking of heart (hi, Kokoro), there's been 3 games out since the last post on this subject. And very recently we have heard of the announcement that ZUN is expecting a child. You could say it's been a good year for Touhou fans.


Does he ever show sign of aging? 

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