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Comic Fiesta 2013

Well, this is admittedly late for a post-event... post, but hey would you look at that, I haven't written anything for Comic Fiesta for last year...

So doubling as a year end post, lets recap what happened at the event shall we? Not really a review of the event per se, more of some personal rambling on recollection. You know what to expect.

As with the last two previous year, the event takes place as KLCC - which is really a convenient place to go, seeing as its proximity to the LRT. There's more halls opened this year (6 halls as opposed to... 4 last year, if memory serves correctly). There's really more space to move around this time, a fact pointed out by some of our Singaporean visitors.

On the first day, there was some complaint on the crowd line, seeing as the early bird ticket holders were also forced to line up along with the rest of on-site ticket purchaser. That hiccup had caused a slightly late entry for myself, and it would be much later that I really went around and explore the event as there were some detours which involve trying to find some other people - the usual in any meetup-at-events, really.

Some guys 

This year, I've pledged myself to try and avoid getting the small merchandises such as badges and posters - and I've been successful at those, ahah!

First stop on my doujin hunt: our good ol' friend Dead Fish Chronicle, this year returning with the fourth installment to their Arah Timur Series!

Dinjerr and Boksond. Also, durians! 

Unfortunately only half of their usual workforce were active at the time of the comic producing, although they've really upped the durian (!!) count this time. It's great to see you guys again after a one year hiatus, man!

Besides Arah Timur, the work by this one artist, Max Wong was the few items that I've really set my eyes upon even before heading to the event itself. The autobiographies comics were great, I'd like to have more chat with the chap if there's chance in the future.

Two Touhou doujin comic from a doujin from Thailand (which I forget to note their booth name). Very humbling to see this kind of work being produced - would really love to see more works such as these to come out from the scene here!



With the doujin settled, it's mostly cosplay-also-functioning-as-socializing for the rest of the event (I feel slightly guilty for not committing myself to the music performances). And because I'm like that, it's mostly the Touhou cosplay which I gravitate to heheheh.

One thing I like about the aspect of cosplay for CF is how it's a big gathering for certain people which I would normally be hard pressed to find. As with last year, we have a few people from Singapore joining us this year! Here's hoping we could get more of ya guys for future events.

(and perhaps returning the favour by inviting more people from our side to their events as well?)

What an unlikely combination



Dunno what's going on here  

Another unlikely combination


After AFA, I've been really expecting more KanColle cosplay this time... and unfortunately the crowd here have yet to pick it up as much as I'd expect them to. While we're starting to see more of these in Japan, the trend has been slow to be picked up here as of now. Perhaps we would have to wait until the anime comes out before we have a boom - for better or worse - of them?

While we're on that, there has been a bit of fuss being made over what appears to be... a Shimakaze cosplay, with inaccurate wig and a few other critical point of her costume? I wasn't that much angered as some appear to be of the small incident, though admittedly it had left me rather confused at the time on what to make of the cosplay...

After last year lack of documentation for Chireiden group, we have a Seireisen group this year!

Shame that we couldn't get all available member to go in one sitting though, but it was great. Maybe someone would like to shop the two picture?

Later with the rain pouring like there's no tomorrow, we decided to have our dinner at Pavillion, a stones throw away from the event area.

It was a mixed experience: large crowd, large although rather pricey food, and generous selection. Had a bit of discussion on a decidedly non-Touhou route for next year - after a lengthy break that is to precede it. It's all on the drawing board (more or less literally) at the moment, but looks feasible and sensible, mmhm.

Ships are awesome by the way.

2hus with cameras  

Second day was really where we went full steam ahead on the random and crazy part... as these pictures will prove.

-Jojo pose-

All aboard the 2hu train! CHOO CHOO!

Seiga: So~nanoka? 

Seija: flippin' everything (photographer included)


There's a lot of pairing and group, and other interesting characters: we have Shinreibyou character (with small cameo character - Nue and Kogasa - to boot!); the flippin' Seija, Shinki (with three Alices at that!), an in-character Reimu etc.

When you add in the first day, we start to see some interesting choice of character: there are three Parsee, three Kogasa, three Alices, three Sakuya, two Sanae, two Aya and Momiji, two Pache, a Shinki... and a few other duplicates present.

We're really starting to see the choice of cosplay diversifying away from the usual big names (Reimu, Marisa), and that does speak on a certain level amongst the cosplayer, don't you think so?

Mini Iku! She's a natural at posing

Among the few non Touhou pics I snapped up 

Shinki and... her triplets? 



The reimu is so boss y'all

'Hey Tim, would you like some... TIM Tam?'

I've got a feeling that as with last year, the second day of CF is more Touhou oriented. It's an interesting fact which we would want to take note, in perhaps bringing about an (un?)official Touhou gathering come next CF?

And the numbers were overwhelming - based on what my memory would commit me, I've noted a total of... 56 Touhou cosplay for both days! That is the biggest amount I've managed to tally based on the last four Comic Fiesta, and so far remains the largest number out of any previous events (even including the Touhou-centric subscection of Animangaki).

It's a good day to be a Touhou fan, as one have said.

It was really great to hang out with ya guys.

Another decidedly non Touhou pic 


One thing I found amusing is how a lot of people are very cautious when it comes to apparently ambiguous cosplay - the question of 'is that a guy?' always seem to creep on here and there.

I'll take that as a sign that the playing field has been levelled when it comes to male crossplayer and female cosplayer. Either the lines are getting blurred, or people have gotten used to them... or a combination of both. It's a really interesting observation.  I'd say the level of the male cosplayers have been seeing some promising improvement through time, and now it's really  not so much about crossplaying, but more about how one stay close to the character.

Now, all those male crossplayers should have no excuse if they were to talk of improvement yeah?

Because jealousy

Slight detour of the aforementioned subject: I've met the infamous Kuro Dai briefly, and was slightly intimidated that I didn't properly say how his work has been rather... inspiring. Ahahah....  maybe another time eh?

We had dinner at one of the foodcourt at KLCC that night. Conclusion? We'll take that one the next time the event is held there.

Post event shoot: when there's no cosplayer, we'll go for plushies! 

Following the dabbling of events this year, I feel it's time I take a break for a while until at least the second half part of next year, as I focus on bigger things in my list of priority (as well as going back to learn on the subject, and tap my energy for my other endeavor in art). 

It has been a great event, and I've really enjoyed the present of all the people involved - even though it left me with a great fatigue and post-event depression (described as PAGED by one of my friend: Post Anime/comic/Game Event Depression). There's certainly a lot of people that made the whole event enjoyable, and to everyone involved, I'll just say:

Thank you, and I'll see you guys in the future.

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