Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Early morning tweet: on life and death

I found these series of tweet from someone who I've been following, I thought it was pretty thoughtful. So here we go: 

Think about it, your life is insignificant. You're just a tiny bacteria in a tiny pale blue dot. And that tiny bacteria is very complex.

In a bigger picture, million years ago, the earth is formed, and the creation of the moon. And as time passes by, civilization rises

How significant your lives are is determined on how you contribute and how it affects your future, both famous or INFAMOUS to be history

And these people became part of human lives for the next coming generations, simply as a lesson to be learnt for the future

And gradually we evolved, in both good or bad ways, but still, evolution moves not by benefits.

As gradually human civilization crosses out of the planet to interstellar, more history gets forgotten. Only significant remains.

The significant ones are either uplifting ot tragic, so whomever in the comfort zone, you're just normal. you're nothing. But still a choice

But that doesnt say the comfort zone people has no place, its just sideswiped, still they have a role generating the next generation.

And by random in a family, a child was born to be either some guy or a significant someone. And it depends on how the environment affects it

Depedant on education and how it thinks, history plays a role to shape an individual to strive forward on decisions of the next generation

It repeats so and on. And there are people who decide to see the world born, eat people, kill people, the ones that decided to FUCK IT

A sense dangerous morality, still its a choice but its very infectious and even fools can be deceived. Hence we have religion.

The prupose of religion, the words of god, they are ORDERS. These are the ruling to bring humanity into order or else there is chaos

Whichever the religion, they have rules to abide to set themselves into order. Humans in the beginning were confused n fear, but faith...

Faith is what keeps them on the line, giving them hope to survive and confidence.

Most of the righteous ones believe in staying away from immorality. Its to ensure no one gets hurt and no chaos amongst others

But gradually now humans overlook orders in order to be different and attraction, hence the rise of immorality.

Civilization is growing at rapid pace where faith and hope is put to a higher level of challenge until human forgot their main role on earth

So looking back, at your job, punching papers, feed the kids, sit at home. And then what?

The complexity of human understanding breaks apart into smaller pieces of complexity, its like multiple flakes of complex to tinker with

And the main goal for human beings are left to desires and seek of pleasure and happiness which... not everyone will surely get.

A variable and multiple set of different humans with different characteristics are left out for interaction. Like experiment, we are unsure

Humans were left like 'what and how' in interaction. And we have parents to guide us on how do we interact with one another.

And all this lessons came from generation and generation of our ancestors, which were ones all came from the same place and one family.

We have a guidebook, whichever written by god. A guidebook to live and respect one another.

If you're atheist, its ok, believe what you believe, but do take liberty on what's beneficial and respect one another.

But the goal of desires and satisfaction can lead to ridiculous outrageous goals. A vision of creating an ideal civilization.

Sometimes racially based because we all had trouble understanding one another, so one got attached to a group and it becames a large club

Then it became a tug of war between teams, but on a larger scale, we have war. Gung ho ing your own team and all for your ideal vision

Whatever you play in your orientation camp is actually a smaller scale human interaction. Also, other than war, we have voting.

A civilized manner of agreement for vision decision. Competing using votes of population to agree on a certain ideology.

But ideology can be selfish instead of understand a global scale means. One can have a country full of beautiful people n one race based

Then they have genocide. Preventing a generation means to strive forward onto the next generation.

With multiple deaths as a statistic, a large chunk of potential individuals got thrown to the gutter, in a tragic common story.

But humans still evolved taking liberty with the lesson. But do they learnt, a mixed bag. We still have understanding humans n we have fools

And we need them both to balance out one another. Its inevetible, you can't wish for constant harmony or constant chaos. It can be boring

So we have disasters and climate control... to interact with humanity, and see results.

Thinking through, we're like experimental guinea pigs with complex understanding.

What will the future of humanity be? Weaker? Stronger? Smarter? More understanding? One may think one of the answer

But in a bigger picture, its all of it. You just didn't cover the whole continent. Not everyone is glued to the screen n tweet shit like us

There seems to be equal balance of every aspect. With this in mind, you can see where this is going. Not much to worry.

You will still have smart people, idiots, strong, weak, beautiful, ugly, the variable is all there. But you can't choose. You are chosen

No point of being jelly on one thing or another. You're just a pathethic amoeba trying to fuck and die happily. Still the ending is death

But in return you may give life to another, or inspire others, or both,

Your goal to think is your contribution to the world and future generation. So what kind of ideology shit you want to share?

I am done with this vessel. Im sure this poor soul will woke up wondering what the fuck is he smoking.

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