Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An old friend

Today I have received news that one of my old coursemate have passed away last Sunday. He was caught in a motorcycle accident in a place that isn't too far from his hometown.

I was utterly caught by surprise with this news. After most of us have graduated, each of us are caught up with out own destination that we generally keep in touch with only a handful of ex coursemates. And some more or less stay out of touch almost completely - this guy was one example. Not many people knew what he's up to, and he don't really use social media a lot like the rest of us.

The last time I spoke with him was a few months ago, when I called him out of the blue to ask him what he's up to. And that was not too long after a chance encounter with him in the city, when he was looking for a position for work.

He is as old as I am, and his death prompted me to think deeply on questions such as what I really wanted to do with life, or how the people and the world around you will act after your death, or... what actually happens to us when we die?

I try to carry on as usual the rest of the day, but there's just that sadness and confusion and depression going on at the back of my head. Outward I seem like I'm just going through the day as usual, but... my mind is still not really there.

He is one of the most random, funniest and crazy (albeit low-key kind of crazy) people that I know. He was certainly not the usual 'normals' that you could find; he's cool. He's not so much outstanding or brilliant, but he was an all around pleasant and fun to hang around with. We certainly had a good time back then in our student life. If I didn't find him, my degree life would have been considerably more serious and boring... or maybe even much stressful.

We'll definitely miss you, Jun. Al-Fatihah.

ADDENDUM: I've just remembered how he was featured in one of my blog post way back. So, here we go...

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