Friday, November 16, 2012

Singapore trip and Anime Festival Asia 2012

Post-event post is overdue, as it is with how they usually does hurrrrr

QB: Derp

Perhaps by impulse, I've decided to travel on my own down south. In part because I had some friends I'd like to meet during AFA, and because I've never went to Singapore before despite its close proximity to my country.

First glimpse of the island 

No durians? Awwwww

Without getting into lengthy recollection of the trip, travelling on your own has its own pros and cons. On one hand you're pretty much free to go to places without clashing with groups itinerary - you get more freedom this way. On the other hand you could easily lose track of time and money, and you might feel like it'd be nicer if there were other people to share the experience along. Such is the tradeoff, but that's how it is.

 Saw one guitar that I've been looking all over - I swear if I get back here, I might just return with it

I'm salivating at the choice of guitars here D: 

The trip was a success I'd say - I gotten to meet some familiar faces, and meet new ones as well. I didn't really get to travel much around Singapore, but I can say that the first thing that struck me when I arrived there was how clean it was compared to here, and how the public transportation system was very efficient.

It's Shou tiem!  


I didn't really took much pictures out of the event - apologies if you expect this to be a picspam off AFA ^^;;

On the first day I was struck with the large crowd lining up for Sword Art Online's booth - so much so that by the time the line dissipate, almost all of the goods were sold out (it was sold out by the end of the first day, I think). And to mirror that, I saw an abundance of SAO cosplays - tho from what I could remember there was only one Kirito and Asuna, and one Klein's cosplay that I was impressed with. The rest was just so-so.

Practically didn't take any picture off the 1st day (except the ones above), since I was derping around with a few friends that time.

Second day I was more in the mood of exploring:

Furries? Haven't seen them at any cons before...

'Ore wa Gundam!'

lol Sir Bane 

Hmm, legit Marisa? 

Fabulous Iku~

tho admittedly I'm still kinda lazy when it comes to taking pictures, heheh. I felt that I enjoyed the second day more tho - did a lot more browsing, bought a few mementos, and met more new faces then.

One of the thing that I'm looking forward to at AFA was the Touhou Project community there, and I can see the scene is pretty much as alive as it should be.

As a casual observer, I can't say how much the community is thriving there, though it's cool to see how they're doing there and then rather from casual browsing off glimpse of their activities off the cyberspace. I'm definitely raring to come down there again in the future. Thanks for having me, and I'll be seeing ya guys sometimes soon!


  1. >'Ore wa Gundam!'

    Demo, kore wa Zaku da!

    I just had to say that, sorry.

  2. I can understand the ban on durians, I can't believe how much those things stink.

    Nice photos there, it looks like it was a fun event.

    1. Yeah, but looking at the close proximity of Singapore to Malaysia, I didn't expect they'd impliment that lol (haven't seen similar ban here methinks)

  3. Looking good yo. Too bad I couldn't go at that time. At least I saw you for a while on niconico. wwww

    1. lol and I saw you there last year. We're even on that :v

      Next year, AFA? owo