Sunday, August 12, 2012

Touhou - A Summer Day's Dream OVA 2

It's been 3 years already since the last one? That'd mean it was in existence even before I actually gotten into the series. Wow.

And anyway, I once again underestimated the tenacious fans. Not only about the effort put behind this short series, but also the speed in which it is available online...

Without going too much on review, the animation is better than what I remembered from the last one. I personally am not too crazy about the loli voices... but to each his own.

I'm actually curious to see how this would affect how the Touhou series is viewed by newer fans. 'tis always a tricky business eh? Them derivatives... But lets just put that for future pondering and just watch the thing.

Also, the sunflower motif had me anticipating Yuuka to be hanging around somewhere... but, o well...

(The first one, if you've missed it the first time around) 

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